5 Incidents Around the Globe that Tickled the Funny Bone in 2017

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The fact that the human race, in its entirety, will do anything for a laugh is beyond dispute. We have been blessed with humourists and comedians of the highest calibre, right from Mark Twain to Richard Pryor, to more recent proponents of the art such as Russell Peters and Trevor Noah. Comedy has come a long way from the slapstick routines of Charlie Chaplin to the subliminal and subtle messages in George Carlin’s monologues. A gradual exposure to different streams of thought has completely redefined what people perceive to be funny.

But when we delve into different genres of humour and different types of content and delivery, we tend to forget from where humour and the very notion of comedy started—laughing at other people!

Ever since one lucky primitive man broke out into guffaws on seeing his comrade slip and fall, the purest and most unadulterated form of happiness has been in laughing at the follies of other people. The popularity of this particular pastime has never waned, with recent advancements in technology only serving to make poking fun at people infinitely easier. Even the minutest slip of the tongue or factual inaccuracy is pounced upon by self-proclaimed ‘troll artists’ and torn to shreds through memes and plain roasting.

2017 has been a virtual goldmine for connoisseurs of this art. Right from the very start of the year, people in the public eye have time and again delivered moments of such unbridled spontaneity and humour, that they are guaranteed to keep us ROFLing for decades to come. Sifting through a veritable mountain of LOL moments, we have compiled a list of the most memorable and laugh-worthy incidents of 2017.

  1. Banter Between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump:  Is it just me, or is the banter between these two megalomaniac leaders scarily similar to that between the protagonists in the comedy movie ‘The Campaign’? From Trump calling the North Korean leader everything from ‘short and fat’ to ‘a sick puppy and a madman’, and Kim Jong Un continually threatening to nuke Washington DC, this slugfest between two minds teetering dangerously close to the line of insanity has provided tons of entertainment this past year. Even though their war of words is pushing the world towards a nuclear holocaust, at least they are spreading a little laughter along the way!

KimJongDonaldTrump[Image Credits – thedailybanter.com]

2. A Battle of Wits—Arnab and Tharoor: Both these personalities are no strangers to controversy. Arnab’s lung (and eardrum) bursting antics every night on Times Now and now Republic TV had gossip hungry viewers hooked to their TVs every night, while the shady circumstances surrounding Shashi Tharoor’s wife SunandaPushkar’s death made it a matter of intrigue and discussion throughout the country. When Arnab announced on his newly formed channel that he had access to tapes which would shed light on this sensational case, the whole nation waited with bated breath for Tharoor’s response. People across the country were awaiting a slugfest of epic proportions, with such a deeply personal matter bound to become both a legal and political issue. But Tharoor, with his “eloquent” reply, turned the discussion on his head. His reply was as follows:

“Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations & outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist.”

The entire nation was left scratching their heads and reaching for their dictionaries in order to make sense of this sentence, which was almost a puzzle in itself. In the days that followed, Twitter and other social media platforms exploded with memes and trolls mocking Tharoor’s overtly elaborate English, with all other matters of contention now firmly forgotten. His recent use of the word “rodomontade” in a tweet has sparked a fresh troll shark feeding frenzy!

arnabandtharoor[Image Credits -newstimenow ]

3. RaGa at it again: With the passage of time, Rahul Gandhi is looking more and more like a reluctant politician, pushed to the centre stage because of a lack of viable leadership options. His various classic speeches over the year have only served to win him the tag “Mr. Foot-in-Mouth”, and while delivering a speech in Bangalore, he produced a moment of classic RaGa magic! While extolling the virtues of Indira Canteens, he seemed to describe Bangalore as a state! He said that people in “all the cities of Bangalore” would never go hungry from now. During his speech, he also seemed to confuse Indira Canteens with their counterparts in Tamil Nadu, Amma Canteens. Lack of sleep, maybe?

[Image Credits -wikimedia.org]

4. VandeMataram, or is it? : The BJP’s philosophy of Hindu Nationalism has won them fans all over the country, but a section of the population does object to nationalism being shoved down their throat. This debate between fervent right-wing nationalists and liberal ideologies was most evident in the extended debate on whether VandeMataram, the Indian national song, should be made compulsory in schools. During a heated debate on a news channel, BJP Spokesperson Navin Kumar Singh was asked to sing the song by Mufti EjazArshadQasmi of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. The next few moments of that debate have been viewed millions of times on YouTube, with Mr Singh’s brave attempts to mask his ignorance of the lyrics by reading them off his phone resulting in one of the worst ( and funniest) renditions of VandeMataram ever! A little more research before you profess to be the ultimate nationalists eh?
5. Its Trump Time Once More: Picking one specific anecdote or quote from this visionary human being’s vast collection is a nigh impossible task, with nearly every tweet or sound byte threatening to send the world into outrage. From calling Meryl Streep a ‘overrated’ actress, to referring to a leader of the Native Indian community as ‘Pocahontas’, Mr. Trump is being POTUS his way, and he doesn’t give a damn what other people think. His promise to build a wall, a ‘huuuuge’ wall (one of the best walls ever) never fails to bring a smile to people’s faces. His statement that Mexico would pay for the wall was one of the most ridiculed statements of 2017!

[Image Credits – timedotcom]

This year has given us oodles to remember, and much more to look forward to!

Adios 2017! Welcome, 2018!

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