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6 Heart-warming TV Commercial Campaigns of 2017

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TV commercials have always been a mirror of the society. At every age, the advertisement of a product or the social awareness has paved way for change. In the past few years, advertising biggies have come up with campaigns with a human touch, which are not only heartwarming, but immensely poignant and relevant considering the socio-cultural clime of the country. While they have picked up topics that have immense social significance; not to mention, they have also successfully managed to break the stereotypes and penetrate the age old ethos of the society, in many ways. As a result, we see some fascinating display of art, creativity and conscientious thinking that has hit the exiting status quo of the society with delectable results. Here are some fascinating and heart touching commercials of 2017 that will leave you with hope and some tear-jerking moments, as well.

1. Vicks: Touch of Care

There are few campaigns that are innocently beautiful and the recent campaign by Vicks is one such gem. The commercial begins with a girl going back to hostel, on the way reminiscing life with her new mother. And, as the campaign nears end, we are told that her ‘mother’ is a transgender. The commercial ends with a poignant question, “When everyone is entitled to basic rights then why isn’t my mom?”

With the hashtag #touchofcare, the campaign is heartening at many levels. While one may perceive it to be an attempt to transgress gender bias, not to forget that it is also a saga about human connect and the girl’s aspiration to become a lawyer so that she can provide equal rights to people like her mom who are devoid of it.

Vicks has touched upon a whole gamut of emotions with this sensitive campaign. It is indeed the touch of care that collides with our heart than anything else. And Vicks, with its emotionally drenched campaign design has left many chocked beyond words.

Uploaded on Vicks India’s YouTube channel on 30th March, it has garnered over 5.3 lakh views so far.

2. Shan Foods: A Bite of Happiness

Shan Food, one of the premium brands of food and spices in Pakistan has come up with a heartwarming commercial that has touched million hearts all over. Ogilvy India, in association with Ogilvy Pakistan has designed this soul stirring campaign which essentially brings about the essence of having amiable and benevolent neighbours.

The Shan Food campaign has a newly migrated Chinese family who tries to break barriers and make friends by sharing food. This campaign has hit all the right chords, which leaves you with some copious moments of joy to relish. This humane act by Shan Food, and a wonderful collaborative effort by Ogilvy India and Pakistan, has dished out a delectable piece that will be savored for years to come.

3. Star Plus: Nayi Soch

Start Plus roped in the perfectionist Aamir Khan for their new Women’s Day campaign and nailed it with aplomb. Conceived and created by Ogilvy, this campaign straightway takes on gender inequality as its core issue. Needless, to say with the blend of an artist par excellence and an issue which is glaring in this country, this commercial has taken the nation by storm, touching billions.

The commercial is simple yet immensely meaningful and momentous. It takes a new look at gender bias with a design that revolves around how a father is important in making their daughter confident and self-reliant. It all begins in the family! What has been recognized as a man’s prerogative can easily be a woman’s glory any day.

Uday Shankar, Chairman & CEO, Star India, says, “We at Star believe that daughters are equally capable to bring laurels to their families and society. Our latest Nayi Soch film reflects this confidence. It not only questions the gender discrimination that still exists, but also iterates our belief that it is time for fathers to step up and inspire their daughters with confidence and self-belief. Aamir Khan brings great credibility and empathy to the role of a father whose progressive thinking gives his daughters the freedom to flourish.”

With #Nayisooch, this campaign has been a heartwarming trend-setter in many ways– poignant, simple yet hugely consuming, leaving you with thoughts of a gender unbiased India

4. Tata Tea: Jaago Re

We need to ‘act’ more than ‘react’. Keeping this as their nucleus, Tata Tea has come up with a campaign that urges people to ‘act’ in time, than to react. With an apt slogan ‘Alarm Bajne se Pehle Jaago Re’, Version 2.0, the campaign crusaders have rightly urged people to be awake before a tragedy and act, than to react afterwards. This is a much relevant commercial considering the need to avert tragedies, rather than pondering over them after it happens.

In an interview, Sushant Dash, Regional President – India, Tata Global Beverages, explained the vision behind the movement, “Alarm bajne se pehle jaago re”, asks viewers to take preemptive action before any unfortunate incident occurs, by which time it’s often too late. Thus, it promotes an idea of “preactivism” instead of “reactivism”.

The 45-second long ad film thus brings alive the need for ‘preactivism’. Interestingly, the campaign is driven by a female protagonist, who talks about compelling issues like accidents, rapes, molestations and several other dark realities of this country. And, at the end, the ad campaign leaves us with a poignant question, “Why do we get comfortable with reacting and not pre-acting on issues?”

5. Preganews: Maa Banne Ka Ehsaas Hota Hai Bahut Khaas

One of the most beautiful campaigns of 2017 comes from Preganews, who have been a famous brand all along for the ‘pregnancy detection card’. This time Preganews have touched upon an issue that is neglected all along: ‘pregnant woman in the workplace’.

Targeted specifically to the corporate world, this thought-provoking ads opens with how a company is making things comfortable for a lady who is pregnant, and going all the way to make her office her second home. With #yoursecondhome, it has touched millions of women across the country who struggle all through the nine months of their pregnancy adjusting their health and work, simultaneously. ‘How sensitive is our work place towards pregnant women’ is the core issue this campaign delves into.

Akashneel Dasgupta ECD and sr. V.P., ADK says, “We have all seen this happen around us. How many times have we bothered to spare a thought for her? We do marathon meetings surviving on just biscuits and maybe a glass of water. How difficult it is for a pregnant lady amongst us, only she knows. We are not expecting radical change, just a little more sensitivity.”

This campaign is a campaign of hope amidst all odd. In a country where women issues are glaring, this one comes as a breath of fresh air. Our only hope now is that may this be a game changer.

6. Nike: Just Do it

Arab is fighting gender bias on many levels, and this new ad by Nike is a trend-setter, to say the least. The contrasting hijab and the Nike footwear speak aloud about women empowerment in various forms. The ad depicts the haunting eyes of the Arab society that preys on these unconventional women trying to make a mark. A runner, boxer, skater, swimmer and soccer player, all these women have empowered themselves within the limits of their societal norms. Thus, making an important statement – you don’t have to break rules to embrace the new and empower yourself – and Nike, one of the most esteemed sports brands, has just nailed it right. The contrast is heartwarming, yet relevant and momentous for the society as a whole.

This video has touched millions in the Arab world. Within 48 hours the video was shared 75,000 times on Twitter and viewed almost 400,000 times on YouTube. “An ad (which) touches on the insecurities of women in a society digs deeper and becomes an empowerment tool rather than just a product,” Sara al-Zawqari, a spokeswoman for the International Red Cross in Iraq, wrote on her Twitter page.

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