5 Healthy Ready-to-Eat Food Brands in India

December 19, 2014 5 Healthy Ready-to-Eat Food Brands in India @TheRoyaleIndia 5000 0 0

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In the world food market, India is the second largest food producer and has the capability to easily become number one. With changing lifestyles, increased income brackets, and growing globalization, the eating habits of the Indian majority is changing as well. Not only are people getting busier, but the need to ease their lifestyle, even by small changes such as eating processed food and ready-to-eat meals, has risen over the past few years. Research shows how the market for ready-to-eat processed foods has risen by 20% in the last five years; a 1 million INR market in 2013 is expected to read 2 million INR by 2018.

The processed foods market of the late 1980s was not well-received in India, giving the concept a temporary setback. It was the changing lifestyle factors that led to the re-dawn of ready-to-eat meals and processed foods in India. Another important factor is the exponential modernization and migration ratio in India. There’s just so much ease in eating these pre-cooked and processed meals. All you would technically need to do is heat it, stir it, fry it and it’s done. From cereals, to ready-to-eat breakfast and full meals, instant noodles, instant pasta, frozen foods, beverages, there’s just so much more to ready-to-eat food. Let us give a little look at some of the most popular brands in India today.

Kelloggs Corn Flakes India @TheRoyaleIndia

Kellogg’s: From cereals to snacks, Kellogg’s is one of India’s oldest instant food brands that began with the humble Cornflakes in 1994, a meal that most of us have had once in our lifetime for sure. Today, Kellogg’s sells a variety of healthy and tasty breakfast cereal varieties in a number of exciting flavors, oats, muesli, instant snacks and is doing a great job at it too!

MTR @TheRoyaleIndia

MTR: Established in 1924 as a restaurant in Bangalore, it was the founding family, the Maiya’s that decided to expand the business and out came the instant mixes, pickles, papads, ready-to-eat curries and gravies, milk beverages, spices and more and has today left footprints of its success all across the globe.

Thai Chilli Sauce served with Mccain Potato Cheese Shotz @TheRoyaleIndia

McCain: Fairly new to the Indian market, McCain foods is a subsidiary of its Canadian counterpart and has been involved in agricultural R&D since 1998 in India. Today, McCain provides a range of delicious ready-to-eat frozen food like McCain French fries, Aloo Tikki, Smilies, Cheesy bites, and other delectable snack items that all you need to do is unfreeze, and fry!

kitchens of india @TheRoyaleIndia

ITC India (Kitchens of India): With brands such as Kitchens of India that sell ready-to-cook curries, rice dishes you just have to heat and serve, pickles and the likes, it’s indeed an easy-peasy foray into the gourmet world and really not that difficult to ask for delicious goodies almost every day, sans the trouble of cooking them.

nestle maggi @TheRoyaleIndia

Nestle (Maggi): Now I’m sure this brand needs no introduction, nor does the insanely famous “2 minute noodles”. Maggi Noodles has been a staple childhood diet for so many of us, be it a quick-n-easy snack, a midnight snack, hostel snacking or emergency meal, this famous instant food brand by Nestle India is truly a life-saver and one of India’s most popular ready-to-eat processed foods as well. Today, Maggi noodles are no longer the simple masala flavoured ones we ate before. Available in Chicken and Tomato flavours and also in a healthier wheat noodles variety, Maggi has also a range of cup noodles, soups, soup cubes, pasta and instant masala mixes available for everyday use.

The best thing these varied options for Food & Dining offers is that no longer does one have to worry about rushing home from work and chopping veggies or making rice. Gone are the headaches, trials and tribulations; be it because of a busy work schedule or a non-romantic relationship with your kitchen, these ready-to-eat processed meals can be easily ordered using BigBasket offers and are a true blue life-saver, and even if they’re not always the healthy option, they’re sure convenient to use. And let’s face it, convenience wins hand’s down, doesn’t it

Top Ready to Eat Food companies in India

Brand Name Varieties
Kellogg’s breakfast cereals, oats, muesli, instant snacks
MTR instant mixes, pickles, papads, ready-to-eat curries and gravies, milk beverages, spices
McCain ready-to-eat frozen food like French fries, Aloo Tikki, Smilies, Cheesy bites
ITC India (Kitchens of India) ready-to-cook curries, rice dishes, pickles
Nestle (Maggi) Noodles, cup noodles, soups, soup cubes, pasta and instant masala mixes, ready-to-eat processed foods
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