5 Dressing Styles We Want From Bollywood Actors’ Wardrobes

October 29, 2014 5 Dressing Styles We Want From Bollywood Actors' Wardrobes @TheRoyaleIndia 2856 0 0

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So you guys read Part 1, right? RIGHT? We are back with Part 2 for the men! Yes, from the suave gentlemen you see in magazines to the fun dresser on Saturdays. Take a look at our list and dress up like ‘em-

Hrithik Roshan

hrithik roshan style @TheRoyaleIndia

He has been in the news for all the possible reasons lately. His divorce, the amazing alimony he has been slapped with and his latest movie opposite Katrina Kaif, Bang Bang! This green eyed good looking man has all the right (dancing) moves to woo a lady. His fashion style on the other hand is understated and casual. He wore a simple white shirt with a pair of blue cargo pants and a hat for Piggy Chops birthday bash (thrown by Sanjay Leela Bhansali). He accessorized his look with a stole, which we think he could have done without. Shop this trending look here.

Shahid Kapoor

shahid kapoor fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

He has had his fair share of ups and downs for the hits and misses in the industry, whether it comes to style or movies. He gave one of his best performances in Haider (I mean, have you SEEN Kaminey???). According to us, he is the only actor who can carry of a Pathani look with as much confidence as he can carry off a bespoke suit. With a black kurta and a salwar and a pair of shades (he loves them) he oozes out charm like no one else. Get free Myntra coupons here.

Ranbir Kapoor

ranbir kapoor fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

This 31- year old hot/ cute/ talented/ hot (needed words between hot and hot) has a penchant for wearing traditional Indian attire and boy does he look H-O-T in it. We have seen him in various versions of a bandhgala, but our absolute favourite is the charcoal grey one worn with matching pants and a maroon-ish pocket square. *drool*

Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

70 years old and still going strong! He made his amazing comeback with KBC few years ago rocking a French beard which has now become his trademark. Add that with the suits he wears and no wonder he is considered a style icon. And his voice! Oh the voice!

Ranveer Singh

ranvir singh fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

This man who has shot to fame without a famous last name thanks to his sartorial choices in movies and fashion and, of course, his hot girlfriend. He is what you call the fun dresser. He is trendy and though some of his choices have been atrocious you cannot but marvel at his confidence of rocking an all velvet tailcoat with studded boots. The one look we absolutely hated to love was the Zegna suit he wore with a hat and Jodhpuri chappals. Yes his foot was hurt so we are not going to ridicule him but show us one man who can carry off the suit and chappals look with ease and we will show you two actresses who are best friends. Don’t forget the famous handlebar moustache.

It is said that a well fitting suit on a man is to a woman what good lingerie is to a man. Truer words have never been said. But honestly any guy who can pull off these looks with as much ease does require his number to be in our little black books. 

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