5 DIY décor ideas to brighten up your Diwali celebrations

October 10, 2014 5 DIY décor ideas to brighten up your Diwali celebrations @TheRoyaleIndia 21694 0 0

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Diwali isn’t so much about the splurging and the crackers as much as it is about beautiful lighting and family bonding. It is an opportunity for the family to work as a team to produce delicious homemade sweets and humble decorations. Why waste money on expensive fireworks that damage the environment when you can enjoy an eco-friendly Diwali without compromising on the festive spirit, one bit. Here are some easy DIY Diwali decoration ideas, you can use to have an eco-friendly celebration.

Torans out of greeting cards

paper toran @TheRoyaleIndia

Instead of wasting money on cheap plastic buntings or the usual string of leaves and flowers that die out in a day, you could set the festive mood by creating Torans or buntings using simple cardboard pieces. If you have old greeting cards around the house, you can use them to make colourful buntings to hang around the entrance of the house. Simply cut them in interesting shapes and tie them together on a string.

DIY Candles

diy candles @TheRoyaleIndia

One of the simplest things you can make during Diwali, are festive candles. You can make candles out of a number of ingredients such as salt dough, egg shells, seashells or even orange peels. We all have a few seashells around the house. Pick a few nice rounded ones and paint them with fabric paints or stick sequins around them. You can then add melted wax and a wick to create your candle. You can also make scented candles in a similar manner. You can tie cinnamon sticks around a wax candle for a sweet cinnamon scent or add coffee beans in a glass and add a tealight in the middle.

Glass and Paper Lanterns

glass & paper lanterns

Almost every home has a lantern during Diwali. Besides the traditional paper lanterns that hand outside your window, you can have beautiful glass Kandeels around the house as well. Get out the old glass jars and spray paint them in different colours. You can then add golden puffy paint on both the top and the bottom for a more interesting look. Put a candle or LED lights in the jar and you have beautiful morocco lighting for your home. You can also create paper lanterns using colourful paper bags. Turn the bags upside down and tie them together on a string in the form of buntings. Remove the handles of the bag and attach free flowing ribbons instead. You can then make a hole on the top of each bag to attach a bulb.

Recyclable Rangoli

recyclable rangolis @TheRoyaleIndia

It is relatively easy to make rangoli as you get stencils readily available in the market. However, you don’t need to go through the trouble of making rangoli every single time. You can paint a beautiful rangoli design on cardboard itself and cut in out in the desired shape. It is easily portable and can be used again and again.

Diwali Lamps out of a Plastic Bottle

plastic bottles lamps @TheRoyaleIndia

You probably have many 500ml plastic bottles around the house; here is a way to put them to some use. Use a scissors and cut the bottle in half. Use the top half of the bottle with the lid. Using the scissors make long cuts through the plastic and bend it outwards in the shape of a flower. You can further shape the plastic to look like petals and stick some glitter on each petal. Use a candle in the centre as a light source.

Your celebrations take a whole new meaning when you make your decorations at home. It gives the kids something to be involved in and also brings together the entire family. Your home will have a personal touch which will give you a sense of pride every time guests come over. Not to forget, you are doing the environment a huge favour with your humble celebrations. Immerse yourself in the festive spirit as you create your own Diwali décor.

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