5 Dating Apps That Help You Find The One

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If I start the article by saying; so there was this friend of mine who was single for long and was hunting for his soul mate. One find day he decided to take a plunge in world of Online Dating and downloaded a few dating apps and told me about his experience. So I decided to share his experience by doing what I love to; write. Clichéd!!! I know. I ain’t keeping any skeletons in my closet.

So yes, I have used these apps and there’s a slight change in the story above, I actually downloaded these apps to write this article. (believe me or not 😉 ) So dear love birds, instead of searching for Cupid’s arrows, try your luck at these. I am not listing them by preference (too many equations to consider) but rather chronologically.


While reviewing a tech article one day I came across another that introduced me to Vee. So this was the first app and my first experience of this so-called dating platform. The interface is easy to use and understand.

Vee Dating App @TheRoyaleIndia

The app lets you log in via your Facebook Account. This made me think – Okay, so atleast there won’t be any fake accounts. But that’s not it; one can also sign in anonymously without any reference to social media sites – and there goes the legibility.

Vee App For Android @TheRoyaleIndia

The funda is simple here. Once your account is created you’ll get to view profiles of your choice (men or women that is ;)) one by one; If you like the profile hit (y) and if you don’t just hit (x). Yes, for once you’ll get to feel as if hell-yeah-ive-got-plenty-of-options.

Vee App Settings @TheRoyaleIndia

The most important thing – The app only lets you chat with the users that have liked you back. Yes, there’s no one way traffic here, it has to be mutual.

My VerdictThere are a few legitimate profiles here. Only if you’re wise enough to know whom to like and whom no to you’ll have an okay time. Otherwise be ready for a totally gibberish experience.

Google Play Download Link: Click Here


I really can’t figure out why is the app named so? (still thinking). Just like VEE, Badoo also lets you log in with your Facebook Account. Once you log in via your Facebook account your profile gets a ‘verified’ batch; almost trying to scream – i-aint-faking-this-I-really-am-who-i-say-i-am.

Badoo App for Android @TheRoyaleIndia

But here’s the catch; Badoo lets you change your name, age, and most incredibly your gender. Even if the profile is verified one can’t really be sure about it being genuine.

Badoo App @TheRoyaleIndia

Options such as People Nearby (a list of profiles is generated based on your GPS), Encounters (the profiles pop one by one) and Photo Rating (rate photos of other users to view what others rate to your pics) though might seem really cool; they don’t work exactly that way.

My Verdict – The app has tooooooooooooo many fake profiles. It’s like a jackpot. If you’re lucky enough you’ll find someone to chat with.

Google Play Download Link: Click Here


The sophisticated one; swipe left for ‘dislike’ and right for ‘like’. It’s as simple as that. Of all the 5 apps that I’ve mentioned this one is certainly the best. Of course the app has its share of fake profiles but out of 10 profiles one would find just one which might be a false-alarm.

Tinder Dating App @TheRoyaleIndia

The app lets you sign in with Facebook and most importantly there are no options to edit the name/age/gender. No fooling around. Like the rest, the app only lets you connect to the users that have liked you back.

Tnder App for Android @TheRoyaleIndia

My Verdict: This is a super cool app. If you’re genuine enough there’s a high chance you’ll get connected with the right person.

Google Play Download Link: Click Here


Twoo app screenshots @TheRoyaleIndia

Twoo has a similar interface to Badoo with options such as “Discover”, “Search”, and with added paid features this app tries too hard to hook you up with localites.

two app @TheRoyaleIndia

My Verdict: This could be called as the weakest of the apps listed but none the less worth giving a try at least.

Google Play Download Link: Click Here


Okcupid App @TheRoyaleIndia

Creating an account with OkCupid makes you practically answer every annoying question that you would otherwise refrain to.

This app is totally different from the rest. It lets you browse your matches with respect to the answers that you give. Your matches are given a percentage rating based on the no. of answers that match with the profile. Incorporating paid features as well, this app could be graded as average.

My Verdict: Use the free features of the app and enjoy.

Google Play Download Link: Click Here

Although just for fun, these apps are worth a try at least once. Especially if you are a conversationalist and a lover of random chats with random strangers; these apps are certainly made for you. Also, am done experimenting with these apps and I did come across like minded people; yes, these apps do work. There’s no harm in trying, and well, who knows you could find someone to spend you day with this Valentines.

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