5 Cool Themes to Style Your Home

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A house transforms into a home (sweet home) with the family members who inhabit it with their styles and fondness. It most certainly is your favorite place on earth, your haven, your home! So how do you incorporate all styles and personalities into your abode? Well, every room in your home can create an aura of individual tastes or if all members agree on a common theme, then your home could turn into a beautiful land that takes you on a mesmerizing journey.

A home is who you are and should take everyone who enters into it through your journey of life. We’ve brought 5 themes on a platter for you to choose as per your proclivity. So gear up to make your home a lot more like you!

Of Skies & Water

home decor tips sky and water @TheRoyaleIndia
home decor tips skies and water @TheRoyaleIndia

The calm and serene beauty that the sky and water epitomizes can bring the same feel in your home, if you chose to do up your home along these lines. The hues to stick with, for this theme are blue, green, coral and white; certain to bring a soothing sensation to all who enter this abode.

home and decor sky and water @TheRoyaleIndia

Use accessories like corals and shells, seaboard wallpapers, steering wheels on your wall to bring in the sea vibe.

home decor style @TheRoyaleIndia

Use simple bamboo blinds for your window and add to the splendor of your home.

Monochrome home

monochrome home decor @TheRoyaleIndia

Monochrome in home décor sense can be one color or different tones of the same color. And although black is the King of monochrome, you can most definitely play around other hues of the palette too. Monochromatic décor creates an elegant look and is also the au courant look this season.

monochrome home decor style @TheRoyaleIndia

One important thing to keep in mind while going for a monochromatic décor is to choose your accessories like wall decor, carpets, figurines, etc along the same lines as the chosen color. You can add designs to the room décor like geometric shapes, stripes, floral patterns, etc in the furnishing to add to the oomph factor.

Bling Fling

bling home style @TheRoyaleIndia

Mirror Mirror on the wall, make my home the brightest of all! Having a fling with bling is surely going to brighten up your space and make the place look bigger that it actually is.

bling home decor @TheRoyaleIndia

But it is important to not go overboard with the bling and make your home look too bling bling. Add the bling factor in the form of accessories like sequenced throw pillows for your sofa, intricate mirrors on the wall, etc.

bling home decor ideas crystal chandelier @TheRoyaleIndia

Another great way to set the bling look is to invest in attractive crystal chandeliers; the raindrop crystal chandeliers are simple yet elegant and glow up the room. Your table décor can include crystal tea lamps which add to the stylish appeal.

Safari Roar

safari theme home decor @TheRoyaleIndia

Waka Waka…This time for Africa!’ If you are inspired by the jungle theme and your love for wild nature knows no bounds, then let the safari sagacity exhume in your home. The first few things that come to mind with the word safari is earthy hues, wooden rustic appeal, animal prints, animal sculptures, authentic tribal art, wooden masks, etc.

safari home decor style @TheRoyaleIndia

Breathe earthy hues into your wall with colors like brown, cream and add contrasting sunset shades like orange, red. Wooden masks, animal sculptures and tribal art with bamboo accents add an excitement of an African safari.

safari home decor ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

Use animal prints like leopard, cheetah, zebra etc on your throws, bed sheets and curtains. All these are sure to make your home ooze the safari vibe and set you on a wild safari ride.

Travel Castle

traveller home decor @TheRoyaleIndia

The wanderlust in you could reflect your love for travel in your home too. With every trip you take, don’t forget to pick a souvenir and use that to adorn your home sweet home. Your sheets, linen, duvets, covers, throws, pillowcases, et al could also bring all your travel experiences live. Decorate one wall with a collage of all postcards.

travel home decor theme @TheRoyaleIndia

Use globes as your table décor. And if you would like to take it one notch up, use a world map wall paper to enhance a wall. This could work in a great way to increase curiosity amongst children and guests and an excellent way to learn to read maps and plot them in exams. With a home décor theme like this one, you’ll surely have plenty to talk about with your guests visiting your home.

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