5 Christmas Movies You Cannot Afford to Miss

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Got nothing interesting to do this Christmas? How about a night out party with your friends on Christmas Eve? Not a good idea? So, why not watch a few Christmas movies and feel a wee bit ‘Christmassy’? Over the past few decades, Hollywood has come up with several top rated Christmas movies, packed with a whole bunch of humour, they did seem to leave behind a message in some way or the other.

But, there are a few that made it to the top of my list. Thanks to an awesome storyline and of course, the star cast. Here is a list of some of the most popular Christmas Movies you could catch up on.


Northpole - Christmas movie to watch during the holidays @TheRoyaleIndia

It seems like Northpole, where the Santa and his elves live is in trouble. The city can only keep running if there is holiday happiness around. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as everyone is busy doing their own stuff with no room for happiness.

With an intention to change things around, an elf befriends a lively boy high in spirit. Will he be able to do it?

It’s a Wonderful Life

Its a wonderful life - Christmas movie to watch during the holidays @TheRoyaleIndia

Voted as one of the best Christmas movies ever made, It’s a Wonderful Life is an interesting story about a young man named George Bailey, who spends most of his life living for the people of Bedford Falls by giving up his own dreams. And, he’s not happy.

All broken due to the misplacing of an $8000 loan, he contemplates suicide. While his loved ones are busy praying for him, a gentle angel comes down to earth to help him out. This is where it gets interesting.

Home Alone

Home Alone - Christmas movie to watch during the holidays @TheRoyaleIndia

Its Christmas time and the McCallisters are all set for a vacation to Paris. Kevin the youngest in the family had a fight with his older brother Buzz and was therefore sent to his room. Next morning while the family was all in a hurry, they forgot about Kevin, who was now left all alone in the house. But, rather than complaining, Kevin seemed to love every moment of the situation.

However, he soon discovers two thieves trying to break into the house on Christmas Eve. But how will an 8 year old be able to deal with the duo. Find out yourself.

Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street - Christmas movie to watch during the holidays @TheRoyaleIndia

Doris Walker is desperately looking out for a new store Santa, and she luckily finds one. The newly recruited Santa seems to be ideal for the job. His name is Kris Kringle and he calls himself the real Santa. He claims to know many languages and is rightly aware of what kids would love to have. People call him insane. However, a young lawyer decides to defend him in the count arguing that he is in fact the real Santa.

Bad Santa

Bad Santa - Christmas movie to watch during the holidays @TheRoyaleIndia

A story about two conmen who usually visit department stores dressed up as Santa and the elf. However, instead of spreading Christmas cheers, the duo work with a sole intention of robbing every established they enter into. Things turn around when they bump into an 8 year old who happens to teach them the real meaning of Christmas.

So, in case you have any plans set up for Christmas, you might want to push it to a day later. Order your DVDs and make sure you have a few beer bottles chilling in your fridge.

And by the way, if you were planning to go out on a party with your friends, why not call them over and enjoy the movies together. There could be no better way than this to celebrate Christmas?

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