5 Books Releases in May 2017 that are Worth the Wait

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Reading a book is a personal and a social experience all at once. You read it for your pleasure, and you share a kinship with like-minded people, a select group that has the same ideas and tastes as you. Nowhere is this more apt than for books in a series. You have read an earlier book, discussed it, relived it, and these shared moments form a part of your experience, sometimes for a lifetime. There is also the anticipation of what is going to come — you match wits and intelligence with your favourite writer and fellow readers about what is going to be in the next book. The delight of being right is unmatchable, and any miscues in deductions seem only to stimulate you to develop even more acute perceptions. There is intertextuality between the books as they seem to be connected to each other and your understanding and the consequent pleasure you derive seems to increase by the connections that you make. In other words, the delight in reading these books is limitless. That is why we wait with bated breath for the next issue.

So, here are 5 anticipated book releases in May, 2017 to give you something to look forward to:

1. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins,

Release Date: 2nd May 2017

Into the Water is a thriller with a psychological and feminist twist — feminist in the sense that the central characters are all women. They are the victims and the vindicators, and avengers. Water is primary for human life and yet it is primeval in its origins, for life said to have originated in it. So when the protagonists get into the water looking for a drowned single mother, they are certainly going to be exposed to water in its variations—the turgid and turbulent, and the peaceful and pellucid. The unlikely synergy of an unsympathetic aunt forced to return to a city she swore never to step into, and the lonely fifteen year old daughter of the drowned woman, provides a rollercoaster ride from the author of the bestseller Girl on the Train. In all these, the reader is kept on tenterhooks, as the writer explores the human mind—their psyche.

2. A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #3) by Sarah J. Maas,

Release Date: 2nd May 2017

A Court of Wings and Ruin as the title tells us involves royalty in Machiavellian manoeuvrings and counter manoeuvrings of Feyre and her antagonists as she seeks to protect her life and the lives of those around her. This is an unforgiving world of high stakes where one wrong step could be fatal. Can the very suggestively named Feyre (Fairy) work her magic as war clouds loom on the horizon, over issues of life and death? Spring Court may suggest rejuvenation and revival. But the challenges are many. The engulfing war demands new allies but Feyre has to tread carefully in unknown territory as she decides whom to trust and whom not to.

Sarah J Maas’s bestseller on New York Times fulfils the tradition of being an excellent and exciting read that will keep readers riveted. This book has an old world charm in a modern setting which makes it timeless and irresistible. This is the third book in the series A Court of Thorns and Roses, and promises to be the best so far. Aficionados of Maas will be rubbing their palms in anticipation as a new delight is served up. Savour it more by availing discounts on ebooks!

3. The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo, #2), by Rick Riordan 2nd May 2017

Release Date: 30th May 2017

Rick Riordan’s book, The Dark Prophecy is the second one in the series The Trials of Apollo, is a mythological thriller in a contemporary setting. This is the second book Apollo, the God of the Sun and Medicine is cursed and has to expiate for his sins as a human on the earth, and his return to divinity is pinned to scrolls in a cave. He needs help to retrieve them, however, and he needs to keep his sanity, and dear life itself, to get it. The cataclysmic events and adventures are given new dimension by a Roman Emperor, the second member of the Triumvirate, an evil association that seems to have become even more ruthless and terrible through time. Aided by a goddess who has lost her immortality, and a bronze dragon, Apollo must face his greatest challenge and danger in over four millennia. As the reader follows these divinities-turned-mortals, there is an exhilarating sense of sharing in both kinds of existence.

4. When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon, 30th May 2017

Release Date: 30th May 2017

Love is never the smooth and easy-going emotion it is made out to be. Even when everybody is on-board for the union, Love has its surprises as it unfolds. So when two Indian families in the US decide to let their offspring meet and wed each other at a summer camp, the surgical smoothness shifts to reveal quite a few things they have to learn about each other. Meanwhile, the two protagonists have their own ideas of Love. Rishi Patel is a born romantic, and Dimple Shah is the teenager who bends the world to her will through her interpretations of it. But do they match reality? Patel and Shah go through their versions of it as the novel narrates their stories from alternate perspectives, forming a conflict that turns into this hilarious comedy. This exotic mix of an arranged marriage by individual choice explores Love, teenage, and life itself in all its vicissitudes and variations.

Sandhya Menon meets a serious need on YA—the lack of South Asian heroes. This blend of traditional and modernity synthesises the best of both worlds and gives us an insight into young minds that grow up in foreign lands and are still in touch with their culture.

5. She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger

Release Date: 30th May 2017

This inspirational galleria of American women, who changed history for the better, is unique in its presentation by a young American woman who grew up at the heart of affairs. Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, one a former President of the USA and the other held key positions in the Presidency of Obama. Being their daughter would give her access to materials and perspectives that are unique and refreshing. She Persisted has a sweeping brining into its accommodating gaze personages across history, from an African slave (Harriet Tubman) to a modern day astronaut (Sally Ride), the book celebrates the human spirit in times of challenging and overwhelming odds. The women break glass ceilings and the immense pull of gravity to reach new heights and achievements. To do this, they have to fight prejudices and patriarchy, history and habit to establish justice and equity in life. Fired by their convictions and confidence, they rise above their times and limitations to break a new path for others after them.

The compelling illustrations by Alexandra Boiger are superb complements to the book which shows that dreams can be realised by vision and determination. This is a must-read for modern reader who finds themselves at a crossroads. Read about what inspired the authors to pen down this moving book here – http://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/chelsea-clinton-she-persisted-book_us_58ca9385e4b00705db4c883d

With all these compelling reads lined up, make the most of the releases by checking out book offers on Flipkart!

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