5 Bollywood Movies That We’d Love to have a Remake of in Hollywood

December 11, 2014 5 Bollywood Movies That We’d Love to have a Remake of in Hollywood @TheRoyaleIndia 1077 0 0

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Day in and day out we see remakes of original movies from Hollywood being churned out in Bollywood (Remember Ghajini?). Some are so blatantly copied that the cast and crew in question quote the original as ‘an inspiration’. It is not that our movies have not been remade. A Wednesday, Jab We Met, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, and Darr have had their share of remakes though no one in this industry (be it this side or that side of the ocean) will ever admit it. However, we are here to propose a list of movies that should be made in Hollywood, because c’mon, They. Are. EPIC!!!

Khoon Bhari Maang

khoon bhari maang @TheRoyaleIndia

A story about love for family and revenge. A movie which was waaaaay ahead of its time should be remade again and again and again; possibly with a less dramatic title and better effects. This 1988 release received a lot of accolades and positive reviews, propelling Rekha to the top. We have no doubt in mind that this story line will not be a hit once again.

kate winslet @TheRoyaleIndia

Yup, we foresee Kate Winslet doing this role with ease.

Taare Zameen Par

taare zameen par @TheRoyaleIndia

A movie about an average Indian family trying to come to terms with the younger son’s “madness”; a dyslexic boy and his struggle with everyday life; a teacher who understands the problem and his relationship with the student and the need to express through art. This epic saga became a hit for a reason. It touched all the right cords (remember the song ‘maa’?) Yeah we can see it becoming a hit in Hollywood too.

ryan gosling and mark wahlberg @TheRoyaleIndia

We would totally vote for a newbie child actor and Ryan Gosling or Mark Wahlberg as the professor.

Lage Raho Munnabhai

lage raho munna bhai @TheRoyaleIndia

Can you imagine the ‘Gandhigiri’ and ‘Get well soon, Lucky’ being played out in English? Yes the jokes will have to be edited a tad bit but no one can deny that this ain’t a movie for the world. What with Munna Bhai and the lovable circuit, we can visualise Matthew McConaughey as Munna Bhai and Zach Galifianakis as Circuit.

zach galifianakis and matthew mcconaughey @TheRoyaleIndia

Totally rooting for this movie to be remade in Hollywood because let’s face it we can watch this as many times in as many different versions as is possible.


kahaani movie @TheRoyaleIndia

One of the most epic thrillers to be made on Indian screen, this Vidya Balan starrer became a hit and propelled her to the top (yet again) after a series of weird movies. WARNING THIS HAS SPOILERS. Who would have ever thought that she wasn’t who she was pretending to be, No one!

rosamaund pike and jennifer lawrence @TheRoyaleIndia

Now imagine an equally awesome thriller in English, played by Jennifer Lawrence or our current favourite, Rosamund Pike.

Dil Chahta Hai

dil chahta hai @TheRoyaleIndia

Our favourite comfort movie. This movie made Goa ‘cool’ again and road trips became a thing of bragging. They were cooler if the road trips were with friends with no issues from parents and cooler still if the car was a convertible. Yes we know Hollywood has had a lot of road trip movies but wouldn’t you want a bit of drama and romance all rolled into one with catchy club numbers? We would love to.

Bradley Cooper Neil Patrick Harris Gerard Butler @TheRoyaleIndia

Can’t you totally see Bradley Cooper in Amir Khan’s role; Neil Patrick Harris in Saif Ali Khan’s role and Gerard Butler in Akshaye Khanna’s role? Dont deny it.

We are totally in a mood to remove a petition to see these movies remade in an even more epic form. Though the list is long with more epicness with movies like Gunda we thought of sticking to these five because we don’t want our office to be pelted by stones. Tone down the drama, people!

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