5 Best sites to shop for men undergarments

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Time to buy a new set of undergarments? Why not hop into a nearby men’s store? Good idea, but don’t expect a discount, at least not a huge one. How about buying them online? Numerous websites, in fact all of them, offer an extensive discount on men’s clothing, some as high as 50%. Moreover, the variety available is extensive. Below are the top 5 websites offering the finest quality men’s undergarments at a price too low.


jabong @TheRoyaleIndia

From formal shirts to casual t-shirts, denims to undergarments, the website has it all. Brands available include Adidas, Calvin Klein, Chromozome, Reebok, Hanes, Jockey and Levi’s to name a few. Simply pick your product, choose your size and “Add to cart”. Interestingly, the discounts at times are as high as 80%. So, no wonder why Jabong seems to be one of the most highly preferred websites to shop for undergarments.


myntra @TheRoyaleIndia

Looking for a funky pair of shorts? Head on to myntra.com. Brands include Lee, Proline, Nike, Roadster, Adidas and many more. And off course, don’t forget to check out the “innerwear & sleepwear”section. Myntra is known to offer it’s customers only that which matches highest standards of quality and style. So, if you are hunting for the right place to buy innerwear online, Myntra turns out to be a good choice.


freshpair @TheRoyaleIndia

Mens underwear, boxers, briefs, you can find it all at Freshpair. Moreover, the website also stocks an extensive range of mens shapewear from popular brands like Power body, Leo and Equmen. So, if you think you are a bit on the heavier side, you might probably want to pick one of these. The products available on Freshpair might seem a bit expensive, but you can always look out for discount coupons.


cheapsex @TheRoyaleIndia

Looking out for something naughty? Check out cheapsex.co.in. Once you are on the website, you might probably say, “Man! Did I land up in the wrong place”, as the UI might remind you of the early 80s. But, have a look at the briefs and shorts available, and you are sure to find one with a tagline that makes the opposite sex go, “Yeah! That’s right baby.”


yebhi @TheRoyaleIndia

Finally, it’s Yebhi offering an extensive range of stylish undergarments from some of the top brands. And yes, they are all available at a discounted price. No matter what colour, what style you are looking for, Yebhi surely has it for you.

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