4 Reasons You Should Watch Interstellar

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Those who have already read my previously written articles know how choosy I can get with films and also how biased I can get towards certain eccentric film-makers. When I meet new people (make new friends rather) the first thing that I ask them is: “Do you watch Christopher Nolan movies?” (Yes, he is an eccentric film-maker and I judge people w.r.t. their answers ;))

So anyways, let us not digress and talk about Christopher Nolan’s latest and by far the most anticipated release, Interstellar. Between Following (1998 – Nolan’s debut) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012Nolan’s last release) it would be hard to choose the best and hence I’d be writing a special article on Nolan later. (I mention this because I just can’t wait to write something on Nolan alone)

Come this 7th November, Nolan’s Interstellar ((it’s already released in the UK, damn!) will be released in India. Inception released in the year 2010 was hands down aces all the way (My Dream movie, pun intended!!! ;)). The movie raised curiosity amongst the Nolan ‘faithfuls; What will he do next? Interstellar was his answer.


I have mixed feelings writing this article. A Part of me says: Really!!! You need reasons to watch Interstellar…arrggghhh!!! The other part says: Oh I so want to educate you all about this exceptionally-eccentric-charismatic-crazy-I am running short of adjectives- story-teller.

Following (1998), Memento (2000), Insomnia (2002), Batman Begins (2005), The Prestige (2006), The Dark Knight (2008), Inception (2010), The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

christopher nolan movies @TheRoyaleIndia

Watch these and then start reading this article again and you’ll understand my point (#1) being. And hey don’t forget to thank me to give you such an awesome list. 😉

Matthew McConaughey

This guy has had an amazing few years. The Oscar and the Golden Globe last year for “Dallas Buyers Club” to top it off with a killing performance as “Detective Rust Cohle in the American Crime Drama Series – True Detectives. (I mean you’ve seen True Detectives, right? You really can’t afford to miss that, yes ‘afford’ is the word). Nolan saw Matthew McConaghey’s work in Mud (2012) and offered him Interestellar.

mathew mcconaughey interstellar @TheRoyaleIndia

McConaughey and Nolan together; that’s one heavy reason for sure.

THE PLOT – Based on Kip Thorne’s Theory

Yes, Yes, I know many of you might argue with me on this. I am certainly no geek; no scientist; and I s**t know about Quantum Theory; Quantum Mechanics, Wormholes – No sir I don’t. I am just curious and fascinated with this.

interstellar kip thorne @TheRoyaleIndia

The movie explores the unknown; a team of scientists discovers a wormhole and travel through it in the quest of a new habitat. That is enough for me get enthused and run for the theatre this Saturday. (Yes Saturday and not Friday  My plead for a ‘MOVIE LEAVE’ is still being discussed by my boss)


Surprised by this name? I know there might be many raised eyebrows (including those of the Nolan fans). Jonathan Nolan is Christopher Nolan’s younger brother. Like his elder brother Jonathan is an English-American screenwriter, producer, and author. Christopher’s Memento (2000) was based on a short story written by Jonathan – Memento Mori.

jonathan nolan interstellar @TheRoyaleIndia

Jonathan and Christopher teamed up to write an astonishing screenplay for The Prestige. There’s no debate on how brilliant the movie was. (No, there can be none whatsoever). The brothers also wrote the screenplay for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. (damn they are that good!!!) Am guessing (sure actually) their fourth venture would be ………. epic.

I won’t ask you if this was convincing enough; let me know how the movie was. (BTW you’re also welcomed to tag along with me this Saturday ) Looking forward for a spectacle by an ingenious and (I feel) the greatest story teller the modern world has seen.

Oh and keep reading this space and share your thoughts with us. An exclusive article on Nolan coming soon!!!

Official Trailer of Interstellar

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