4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Finding Fanny

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Commercial Indian Cinema has certainly transgressed in a positive way so as to say. Finding Fanny (satirical comedy), released today is a perfect example of what the first line says (if you understand what I mean). The movie is directed and written by Homi Adajania, yes, we all remember him for is super cool psychological drama Being Cyrus(2006). If you’re still wondering who the guy is, let me educate you further: Cocktail(2012). Oh Yeah!!! Now that rings a bell, don’t it? God save you all!!!

Okay, let us not digress and get straight back to my intentions; the point being – Do not keep pondering on your weekend plans, call your friends, ask your husband, wife, your girlfriends/boyfriends, both even—I don’t care – Go and watch Finding Fanny. Here I give you 4 reasons to do so.

1. Pankaj Kapur and Naseeruddin Shah

pankaj kapur and naseeruddin shah finding fanny @TheRoyaleIndia

Their performances on-screen have always enthralled audiences. These powerful veteran actors have given reel-characters a real life. Working together these actors have given us cult-classics – Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron and Maqbool — Don’t make me put their resumes in front you!!!

2. Homi Adajania - Director

finding fanny movie homi adjania director @TheRoyaleIndia

Do you really want me to talk about him explicitly? Being Cyrus (for the off-beat Indian Audience) and Cocktail (for the commercial Indian Audience) Being Cyrus was hands-down aces. Although only a couple of films old, Homi has already delivered two hits for the much divided Indian (movie watching) contingent. The third is on its way.

3. Deepika Padukone

deepika padukone finding fanny @TheRoyaleIndia

She is hot! Period! Since her debut in 2007, she has not looked back and yes the last movie (Cocktail) she worked with Homi turned out to be a commercial hit. We expect the same here.

4. Goa

finding fanny movie goa @TheRoyaleIndia

The name of the movie might make you feel there’s something Goan about it. Feni – Fanny … right!!! The plot of the movie revolves around a road trip in Goa in search of Fanny (the love interest of Naseeruddin Shah in the movie).

Deepika, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, and a hit director Homi Adjania and to top it off – a road trip in Goa – need I say any more. Am sure you are convinced and yes to convince your loved ones; you have this article, don’t you. And hey, you movie maniacs don’t forget to read our review on Khoobsurat.

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