4 quick breakfast recipes cooked in flat 10 minutes

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The funny thing about breakfast is, ALL of us (yes, each and every one of us) KNOW that, BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY.

Yet, we are never short of reasons to skip out on breakfast and, the reason that most of us chime is– “I do not have time for (making / eating) breakfast.”

Now, given the fast paced and stressed out routine we signed up for, it is indeed a bit hard to argue with this reason. So, why not make breakfast less arduous? So we have put together 4 quick breakfast recipes that you can cook in flat 10 minutes for yourself and the family:

Hara Bhara Whole Wheat Bread

hara bhara whole wheat bread @TheRoyaleIndia


  • Wheat Bread: 2 slices

  • Finely chopped Palak: 1cup

  • Finely chopped onion: 1

  • Finely chopped tomato: 1

  • Pepper powder: ½ teaspoon

  • Turmeric powder: A Pinch

  • Salt: To Taste

Cooking Method:

  • Put 2 t.spoons of oil/butter in the frying pan and heat, to this add finely chopped palak, onion, tomato and fry. Keep frying till palak becomes soft.

  • When it’s fried upto 75% add salt, pepper powder and turmeric powder.

  • Spread the mixture on one bread slice and place another slice on top.

  • Toast and serve.

Healthy Veg Bowl

vegetable healthy quick breakfast paddu @TheRoyaleIndia


  • Boiled Baby Corn:1 cup

  • Whole wheat bread:2 slices

  • Grated Carrot:1

  • Grated Cucumber:1

  • Finely chopped Tomato:1

  • Chopped Onion:1

  • Tomato Sauce:1 tablespoon

  • Pepper Powder: As per taste

  • Finely chopped coriander leaves: Little

  • Cabbage to garnish

  • Lemon Juice:1 teaspoon

  • Salt: To taste

Cooking Method:

  • Cut the bread pieces into cubes.

  • Mix all the vegetables and the corn in a bowl.

  • Add whole wheat bread cubes, tomato sauce, pepper powder, lemon juice and salt to the bowl and mix well.

  • Sprinkle the coriander leaves on top and serve.

  • Garnish with pieces of cabbage.

Spicy Cucumber Sooji (Rava) Rotti

spicy cucumber sooji (rava) rotti @TheRoyaleIndia


  • Grated cucumber:1

  • Medium Sooji (Rava): ½ cup

  • Chopped green chillis:4 nos

  • Rice flower: 4 teaspoons

  • Jeera: 1 teaspoon

  • Finely chopped onions: 2

  • Chopped Coriander leaves: 4 teaspoon

  • Salt: To taste.

Cooking Method:

  • Mix Sooji/Rava, rice flower, salt, jeera in a bowl

  • To this add grated cucumber, finely chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves and chopped green chilies and mix well.

  • If required put little cold water and mix well.

  • Place a flat pan on the stove and heat well, smear little oil on the pan.

  • Take a small size ball of the rotti mixture.

  • Dip your fingers in cold water and pat the ball on the pan in shape of a rotti

  • Make 2 finger size holes on the rotti and start heating the rotti in high flame. High flame ensures the rotti to be soft.

  • Add little ghee/oil to the sides. Once the rotti turns brown on the lower side flip the rotti and allow it to roast on the other side till it turns brown and crisper.

  • Serve hot with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup

Healthy Spicy Paddu

cucumber roti @TheRoyaleIndia


  • Dosa Batter

  • Cooked beans, carrot, peas : 1 cup

  • Pepper powder: As per taste

  • Salt: To taste

  • Finely chopped coriander leaves: little

  • Coconut pieces: a little

Cooking Method:

  • Mix all the boiled vegetables, pepper powder, salt, coriander leaves and coconut pieces into the dosa batter and mix well

  • Heat the paddu stand with little oil, fill the paddu stand with the batter mixture and roast.

  • When one side turns brown turn the paddu to roast on the other side till it turns brown.

These recipes take less than 7 min to prepare and plate it. You could probably have this ready (with your inherent multi-tasking skills in the kitchen) while the coffee pot is on, and then settle for mere 5-10 minutes to savour this healthy breakfast. So! what do you think? … Race with Time, yet, Embrace your health.

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