4 Effective exercises for pregnant women

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Being a mom is probably one of the greatest blessings that a woman is entitled to and being a first mom is always special. The first time moms are always full of anxiety, happiness, excitement and joy for welcoming a new bundle of joy in their life and they are always behind doing the best for their yet-to-come little one. May it be sitting right to eating right, everything that the new to-be moms do, they try to do it right. Exercise is one such aspect that is important for a pregnant woman to follow in a right way. If any sort of health complications don’t limit the ability to exercise, then one must exercise during pregnancy as exercising will be a big plus for both mother and the baby. It helps is strengthening the muscles of the body which will have a lot of work to do when in labour pain. Exercising also improves the stamina which is needed the most when you are in pain and the only word you hear is ‘push’.

Pelvic floor exercise

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One of the most important exercises during pregnancy is pelvic floor exercise. The weak pelvic muscles are strengthened which is most needed during as well as post delivery. Women with weak pelvic muscles tend to leak small amounts of fluid while sneezing or coughing, post delivery. To avoid this, pelvic floor exercises comes to rescue.


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One of the safest and ideal exercises is swimming. Unless you are not restricted to bed by doctor, you should not hesitate from entering the pool. It not only strengthens the muscles of hands and legs but also works on heart and lungs. The bigger the bump gets, the better the feeling of weightlessness in water. Doing aerobic exercises in water in standing position eases back ache and leg swelling in later stage of pregnancy and this exercise will be easy on the joints.


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It goes without saying that walking is the best and most mandatory exercise during pregnancy. It doesn’t mean that you go walking for hours together. A brisk walk for half an hour everyday is enough to give your heart a workout and keep your joints fit. If it is difficult to find time for walking, best is to avoid your vehicle and walk up every shop and every other place you have to go and also avoid lift and take up stairs to home, it will make a lot of difference in your stamina as well.


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To improve posture, flexibility and muscle toning, yoga is important but along with it brisk walking is also necessary to give your heart and lungs enough work. Breath control done via yoga will help in the process of child birth when you would be out of breath while pushing hard. If at all you are hiring someone to train you with yoga, make sure the person is experienced with pregnant women and knows all the dos and don’ts in yoga while expecting.

A fixed timetable to follow a regular pattern of exercise, proper dedication and willingness, all together will work as a team and ensure a safe delivery with minimal efforts and healthy baby and mom.

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