3 DIY Lamp Ideas To Light Up Your Home

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When it comes to decorating our house; these days every one of us tries to think out of the box. Then may it be colors of the wall, the furniture, artifacts, and so on. We don’t leave a chance to buy things that give that different feel to our house.

We at the Royale have already discussed about Modular Kitchens, Single Wall Decor, and Vintage Décor Ideas and now here we list simple DIY Lamp ideas that will surely transform the ambience of your home.

Lamp Made From Photo Negatives

Have a tall pile of negatives lying around? Put them to good use by making a lamp and enhance the décor of your home. Make sure you have a lamp base, shade, 30 – 40 photo slides, pliers, black paint, a pair of scissors and jump rings.

Lamps Made From Negatives @TheRoyaleIndia

Dismantle the lamp shade and paint the lamp shade with black spray paint. Decide on the placement of the photo negatives along the lamp shade. Once done, you can punch holes on the four corners of the negatives. Also, the last rows of negatives will have three holes, two in the top and one in the bottom row.

Film Lamps @TheRoyaleIndia

Paint the white borders of the negatives with black colour. Once done and dried, you need to join up them up using jump rings. Also, try attaching them simultaneously to the lamp ring and simplify your task of managing them. Begin fixing them vertically and then join the negatives horizontally using jump rings and pliers. Whew, guess your lamp shade is ready to be used.

Around the World Lamp Shade

Lamp Made of World Map @TheRoyaleIndia

How about an Around the World Lamp Shade to keep up with your desire to become a globe trotter? You can always put old maps to use by pasting them on a plain lampshade using spray adhesive. Also, enhance its look with a matching border at both the rims of the lamp. Definitely, a great idea, if you are hosting a traveler theme party at home!

DIY Ombre Lampshade

Ombre is trending so why not have an ombre lampshade in your room. First of all, go for a plain white or a lighter colour lamp shade and depending upon the colour scheme of the room, you can go for single colour yarn but in two shades, light and dark. Also, you could go for the yarn in the colour of the lamp shade for completing the look.

DIY Ombre Lamps @TheRoyaleIndia

To begin with apply glue on the wider rim of your lampshade. Encircle it with a couple of rounds of yarn of the darker shade of colour chosen till it covers almost 1/4th of the lamp shade. Make sure these circles are well placed within each other and no white gaps are visible.

Use the same procedure and glue a couple of rounds of the yarn of lighter shade of colour, say less than ½ of the darker colour band. For the ombre effect, you need to intersperse the light and dark colour yarns. You could do this somewhere in the mid section of the lampshade too. This can be followed by encircling the remaining top portion of the lamp with the yarn which matches the lamp shade.

Once through fix the lamp in the designated area and let it add a new gradient glow to the room.

Easy to do and very novel in look, these DIY lamp shades not only give your room a fresh new look. Also, each time you wish for a makeover, these creative DIY ideas are definitely affordable and good to go.

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