5 Incidents Around the Globe that Tickled the Funny Bone in 2017

The fact that the human race, in its entirety, will do anything for a laugh is beyond dispute. We have been blessed with humourists and comedians of the highest calibre, right from Mark Twain to Richard Pryor, to more recent proponents of the art such as Russell Peters and Trevor Noah. Comedy has come a […]

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5 Tips to Get a Flat Stomach without Hassle, Frustration and Heavy Expenses

What are dreams made of—but a washboard tummy? With a sedentary smartphone-savvy lifestyle and nine-to-five desk job keeping the waistline under control is more than difficult. You have tried hard to match amateur crunches with sweet and savoury mouthful munches. Somehow belly fat has successfully deflated your efforts each time. Experimental diet to a costly […]

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