Amusement parks to Visit in India

Top 5 Amusement Parks to Visit in India

Amusement parks remain evergreen entertainers for the adventurous freaks & will never fail to amuse the kids and the teens. Summer vacation is almost getting over! So, plan your weekend getaway or even a two day stay at the park resort and make memories of a life time

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Summer beachwear tips

How to Style your Summer Beachwear

With the onset of the summer, the best getaway that we can ever think about is a trip to a beach. As the days get hotter and the humidity increases in the atmosphere our body tends to demand more attachment to water and it is only water that could give the best relaxation to our

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8 Affordable International Getaways @TheRoyaleIndia

8 Affordable International Getaways

Amazed by the scenic beauty and picturesque locations of the international region and you have even got your passport ready, but there is one thing that is still making you think again about planning an international tour

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Retired Cricketer Current Profession

Retired Cricketers and Their Current Profession

Our world of fantasy remains occupied to a great extent by the celebrities. The celebrity group mainly comprises of the actors and actresses and the sports personalities especially the cricketers. We always remain anxious to know about the personal life about our dream stars and look

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