20 Dress-Up Ideas to Rock at Comic Con 2017

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Season of the explosively exciting pop culture event Comic Con, eagerly awaited by every ardent and zealous comic fan, has started. May it be the country capital or Aamchi Mumbai, wherever there is Comic Con, fun cannot be far behind. Mumbai Comic Con is going to be held at Mumbai Exhibition Centre in the coming weekend of 11-12th November. The next in line is Bangalore Comic Con, which is scheduled to be held on 2-3rd December at KTPO Trade & Convention Centre at Whitefield. The date from 15-17th December will see New Delhi enrapture in Comic Con revelries at the NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla. On each day of the event, it will start at 11. A.M. and continue until 8 pm for the convenience of visitors and partakers.

Each Comic Con event held in India is an exuberant mix of opportunities ranging from collecting special edition comic books to participating in zealous gaming. Comic Cons are also the ideal place for comic enthusiasts to meet like-minded people from different parts of the country, making new friends. Endless frolicking and excellent comic merchandise are the other two pros of these events. However, what makes Comic Con stand out is Cosplay Championships where one has to come dressed up as any of their favourite comic characters. Whether a competitor or spectator, Comic Con demands quirky, eye-popping dress up, giving you the chance to channel your inner comic icon. So, here follows a list of best dress up ideas that you may try at any of the mentioned Comic Con events this year.

1. Embody Harley Quinn’s Madness

Harley Quinn, who first appeared as a side kick to the beloved super villain Joker, has carved a niche with her cheeky, confident villainy. Her presence became seriously ominous and remarkable in the Suicide Squad episode, which was made into a full-fledged movie recently. A white vest, orange jumper or jacket and orange pants construct the basic dress code for her Suicide Squad look. Two side pony-tails with pink and blue hair extensions or spray paint will help you achieve her quirky flamboyance. A big black mole on the right cheek, a baseball bat in hand and black knee length boot will nicely round off your Harley Quinn avatar.

2. Look as Chic as Jessica Jones

After a bout of coma caused by diabolical chemicals, Jessica Jones became endowed with superhuman strength and the ability to ward off mind control. The police car lifting, a gut-punching superheroine from the Defenders brigade has a chic and comfortable dressing style. Blue jeans, a swanky black jacket, boots, grey tee shirt and a knitted muffler in grey are the dress up basic that you need to channel your inner Jessica at Comic Con. Straighten your hair and part it at the left for a more striking resemblance.

3. Stand Out Like Monkey D. Luffy

The lovable hero from record-breaking Japanese Manga series One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy is one character to be remembered for a lifetime. He is known for his impulsive action, laid-back attitude and unexpected guts. Taking up the hardest challenges and never backing of, Luffy gives us hope to dream and making them come true. Chop off the sleeves and collar of your old red shirt to make it a lookalike of one worn by Luffy. A denim three quarter pant or jeans folded up to the knee will make the Luffy look nearly complete. However, until you have donned the famous straw hat for which he is known as “Straw Hat Luffy” your dress up will remain half-done. Tie a yellow piece of cloth on your waist and make an ‘X’ shaped scar on the chest for an outstanding outcome.

4. Make an Ominous Appearance as Two-Face

Once an amiable district attorney of Gotham, Harvey Dent received severe acid attack which ruined is psychological balance, turning him into a seasoned criminal. If you wish to notch up your dressing game at Comic con then Harvey Dent’s evil avatar Two Face can be your ideal pick this year. One side of your face and neck have to be painted with charcoal, black colours to make it look as charred as Two Face. Also use white paint to draw the row of teeth peeping out of deformed lips. The other half of the face will remain well groomed, shaved and natural. A suit with one side of it in grey and the other side in black is the right choice to channel Two Face appropriately. Spray paint your hair red on the burnt side to give the head a thematically apt appearance.

5. Be Clark Kent with a Hint of Superman

Instead of donning a Superman costume outright, dress up as Clark Kent, his human alias. The geeky yet adorable Clark Kent has a suave and classy look in white ironed shirt, black suit jacket and black trousers. A mildly tousled hairstyle and an oversized black-framed spectacle will give you his understated charm. Wear the blue tee shirt with Superman logo inside and keep buttons of the shirt open to give your peers a glimpse at your supremely powerful super human status.

6. Flash Your Heroic Intent in Flash Costume

Go all out in expressing your admiration for your favourite Super Hero who flashes past dangers and then turns around to face them with gusto. With the 4th Season of The Flash series running, it is an apt time to dress up like him at Comic Con. A red bodysuit paired with red skull covering mask is what you will need for this role play. Yellow coloured lightning cut outs made of fabric or art paper should be made into armlets and waistband. Alternatively you may get a yellow jacket with Flash logo on the chest and pair it with red leather pants.

7. Stupefy the Onlookers as Rorschach

One of the memorable antihero created by DC Comic, featuring in the Watchmen series, Rorschach is a masked vigilante fighting crime. A brown trench coat paired and matching fedora hat paired with black pants are the remarkable basics his appearance. An ink blotted white mask with patches of black ink stains covering eyes and cheeks will make you look as striking as Rorschach. You may wear any brown formal shoes for this dress up. Carry with you the trademark sign of Rorschach which reads “The END IS Neigh” to creep out the peers.

8. Astound Them All in Mystique Costume

If you love to go over the edge and want to give a tough competition at Cosplay then the Mystique costume is your savior. There is no need to paint your entire body in the blue of mystique’s original colour. Instead try to capture Mystique at one of her moments of transformation. One such easy way is to combine your casual look in jeans and tee shirt with Mystique makeup done on the right side of forehead down your eyes and till the hands. For this you will have to affix half of an orange wig on the right side of head and use glittery blue paint to cover the Mystique part of your face and entire arm. A hazel or green contact lens on the right eye will complete your dress up.

9. Power Up in Powerpuff Costumes

As children we couldn’t get enough of the runs and reruns of Powerpuff Girls. If you still admire them with the same zeal and have two equally crazy friends to back you up then Powerpuff Costumes would be the apt choice. Get yourselves three frock cut dresses in green, blue and pink to channel your inner Buttercup, Bubbles and Blossom respectively. A black short cropped wig like Buttercup, a red cascading hair wig like Blossom and blonde pigtailed wig matching that of Bubbles are also needed to portray these super heroines in real time. Black buckled school shoes and white thigh high socks or tights will make the look come alive. Don’t forget the black waistbands and Blossoms oversized ribbon.

10. Bewitch By Becoming Belle

One of the most relatable and down to earth portrayals of heroines by Disney, Belle of the fairytale world is much like a modern woman battling it out in a male dominated society. Dress up like Belle before her time at the Beast’s castle in a Wing collared white shirt topped by blue pinafore style maxi dress. Set your hair in a wavy style just like Belle with the bunch of hair tied back in a long horse tail with blue ribbon. A white apron tied around the waist and a book or basket in hand will complete the dress up.

11. Turn Heads as Kim Possible

The sensational Disney heroine with a brilliant cascade of orange hair, Kim Possible is what every new age girl should aspire to be, dashing and confident. For your next Comic Con outing choose to look as sassy as this quick and clever heroine. A high neck black crop top and Khaki coloured jeans or trousers with chunky belt is the outfit requirement for this look. Also wear black gloves to make your look more realistic. Either die your hair orange or get an orange wig to freeze onlookers on their track.

12. Take Them by Surprise as HinataHyuga

Who can forget the steel grey eyed, black haired beauty HinataHyuga from the highly popular anime series Naruto! Stun all the anime fans by dressing up like her for the Comic Con event you are attending. A cream and lavender hooded jacket paired with blue pants is the major clothing requirement for pulling off this look. Make sure to don a mesh inner and a steel plated black choker with fire symbol as these are the little nuances of her physical appearance. Chinese cut hairstyle with long straight hair left open will do perfect justice to your Hinata avatar. You can also get white lenses to give your eyes the special effect just like Hinata’s.

13. Be Enigmatic like Sebastian Michaelis

Another well-known anime character, Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler is a devoted demon butler working for the Phantomhive household. Stylishly ominous, he wears a black-tailed suit with chains and buttons for embellishment. White gloves and black tie complete the look. Get your hair straightened and let few slack strands fall on your face. Instead of white gloves on both hands you can also flaunt the Phantomhive tattoo on the back of one of them. Rim your eyes with kohl and wear that glumly sarcastic expression to make everyone pay heed to your Sebastian.

14. Freak them Out with Joker in Nurse Costume Look

Heath Ledger looked extraordinarily fearsome in the eerily quirky nurse costume don by joker in The Dark Knight. Channel the same evil energy by dressing up in a male nurse costume with back brushed hair and face painted with white colour. White socks and white shoes will bring the look to completion. Carry a walkie-talkie model and duffle bag as props. Red non-shiny lip gloss is your best bet for getting the sinister smile of Joker. Use black eye-shadow with a thick-tipped brush for getting the eye makeup correct. A nursing home identity card hanging around the neck will give your nurse Joker look a more believable accent.

15. Make Them Swoon as Tony Stark

A witty billionaire and womanizer with a golden heart, Iron Man’s human alias Tony Stark is a study in contrast. The caring yet nonchalant Avenger is always on the lookout for crime, ready to deal out punishment. Since the Iron Man look is too hefty to pull off, you may try the Tony Stark avatar of the superhero with poise. Wear a silk trimmed black formal jacket and blue tee shirt with the iron man symbol on it. Flashily carry some old credit cards on the chest pocket so they are half visible. A black and pepper French cut beard with matching mustache and stylish blue rimmed sunglasses will make you nothing less spectacular than Tony.

16. Jazz it up like Marge Simpson

Marge the matriarchal wife of Homer Simpson from the American animated massively popular sitcom the Simpsons is stylish and strong at the same time. From her unconventional stand-up hair to her ability to cope with antics of her family, she is one lovable character. This year you can pay tribute to her by imitating her inimitable dressing style. A pale mint tube dress, a vibrant red bead choker and vivacious red pumps will make your Marge avatar stand apart. The most important part of this look is the huge towering blue mop of hair. Paint your body yellow using harmless body paints and use white colour around your eyes to give them the Simpsonian wideness.

17. Put Your Tongue Out as Calvin

The classic sarcastic comic strip of Calvin and Hobbes will never get old or boring, thanks to its sharp humor verging almost on the dark. If you have always loved this comic strip then why not dress like Calvin for this season’s Comic Con. All you need is a cropped spike hairstyle and a black and red stripped tee shirt. Black half pant and a tiger soft toy similar to Hobbes will complete your cosplay appearance.

18. Look Incredible as Hulk

Use of clever body makeup or a body-hugging tee shirt with muscle padding, dressing up like the Incredible Hulk can make your visit to Comic Con really memorable.  A tattered white shirt and lavender three quarters will complete the resemblance. Bushy eyebrows, brown frown lines on face, false set of tooth and red lenses are the extra accents for a more believable appearance. You may also use olive and leafy green body paints to create hulk-like six packs and muscles even on a leaner frame.

19. Take a Bow in Jawa Costume

Once a Star War fan is in all likelihood will stay a fan forever. If so then in the upcoming Comic Con events you should dress up like a Jawa. Though it is the frightening Darth Vader who is the typical cosplay choice of most, dressing up as Jawa will help you look more unique. A loose hooded robe in dark brown or hay yellow is the choice of costume you will need for this look. A model of Ionization Blaster for weapon, tool belt and belt pouch worn across the body will give your look the structure it needs. Get a face covering black mask with eye holes for the faceless appearance.  Fix two small plastic containers with yellow LED lights just beneath the eyes. You can get pre-wired orange or yellow LEDs easily at online shopping sites.

20. Earn Accolades as Coraline

A memorably portrayed comic character from Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel, later made into a successful animated film, Coraline would be an easy to adapt yet unique choice. Yellow oversized raincoat, orange full sleeve tee shirt and blue tights would be perfect picks to make this look work. Also get a yellow matching rain boot for maintaining synergy of colours. A befitting blue wig and a small Coraline doll as prop will elevate your dress code to the next level of finesse.

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