14 Tips to nail the Wedding Photograpy Blues!!!

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Before you decide on a photographer for your wedding, it is very important for you to know and understand the different aspects that need to be considered to have the perfect wedding album. Going through some websites and reference images will help you understand the concept and chose your photographer according to your style. Once you are through with that you can then just focus on your photographer and your requirements. For which you need to keep a few things in mind which we will be talking about today.

1. Communication is the key to all successful beginnings and endings. Sharing your ideas, along with the planned schedule of your wedding day is very essential so that your photographer remains prepared. Your photographer won’t be responsible for any miscommunication which happens during your wedding day.

communication @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

2. You might also want to consider visiting your wedding venue with your photographer which I am sure most of the couple’s forget. This will give your photographer an opportunity to plan your couple portrait session, which will save a lot of time during the wedding day. Rather than wasting time thinking about where to go and how to pose.

wedding venue @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

3. Once when I was shooting in an outdoor location, I found out that all my photos had a blue cast over it. This was because the decorations were majorly dark blue in color including the ceiling restricting my flash to bounce enough white light. Make sure that the colors you choose for the decorations are photography friendly. I always prefer white, light pink or light yellow. But always make sure your ceilings are white!

background color for photography @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

4. Give your photographer the time and space which he or she asks for on the wedding day. If your photographer wants to take shots of you getting ready; irrespective of any interference you feel, make sure you try to accommodate it. Because when you have a look at the final result, you are only going to love it.

candid photos @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

5. I believe wedding is a one-time affair and the things which you wear and use on your wedding day; you are probably are not going to wear or use it again. Ask you photographer to document all these little things. Seeing it in your wedding album will only make you happy.

wedding dress @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

6. Indian weddings are always a chaos. And photographers find a tough time finding space to fit in and get the right angle. You want to make sure that you have planned your wedding stage in such a way that, your photographer doesn’t have to struggle to click pictures.

space for photographer @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

7. Wedding is a very tiring event and though you are the prince and the princess of the day, you have a lot to do and a lot of people to meet making you look exhausted. So, it is highly recommended that you get your couple shoot done soon after your both get dressed up when you are fresh and energetic. And make sure that you do not cancel this plan even if you are running a little late for you main event. Remember it’s your day!

wedding couple shoot @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

8. Apart from getting the couple shots, family photo session is also one of the main tasks for your photographers. Your family members will be too busy attending the guests on your wedding day. Make sure you assign someone from your family to gather all the members and get them ready for a nice family shoot.

family photo session @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

9. Make sure you get enough sleep the day before your wedding and even a few days before the wedding day to avoid dark circles and puffy eye.

looks for photo session @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

10. Don’t forget to keep smiling throughout the event. This will have a great effect on the photographer and photographs.

smiling face @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

11. Try to incorporate some fun element or poses when you know that your photographer is clicking you. It will add some liveliness to your album.

fun moments @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

12. Most of the brides are shy nervous and scared on their wedding day. Just be natural and indulge yourself with the people surrounded by you.

bride look @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

13. Interact with you partner as much as possible during the event; this will help your photographer to click some beautiful and romantic memories for you.

interact with partner @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Veena Shenoi

14. You are surely going to spend a good amount of money booking a good Candid Wedding Photographer for your wedding. So always have a good friendly attitude towards them. So that they feel welcomed and are all the more enthusiastic to click pictures for you.

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