13 Vastu Tips for Job Stability

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Career is a crucial turning point in every one’s life. Exceptional career is imperative to achieve all your dreams. To succeed in a career is not a cake walk. Amidst all the hard work, efforts and excellent marks, it is extremely hard to find a satisfactory job. Even switching the current job seems challenging in the competitive world around.

We all have that one lucky friend who hardly used to study in the college but now so well settled with sound financial status. On the other hand, the topper in your class whom you thought will reach sky high might be leading a life of a loser. Surprising and shocking isn’t it??

Definitely the angel of luck matters here but not just that there is something called as Vastu Shastra which can energise the positivity around you and assist you reach the sky high. Vastu is an ancient Indian science to knock out all the negative energy and strengthen the positive energy to promote the harmony and prosperity.

We help you with some of the powerful vastu tips to implement at your office and house environment. Vastu is mainly the stringent guidelines to be followed from the directional perspective. It is strongly believed that vastu brings in a lot of positive enhancement both in the professional and the personal life.

Some of the effective vastu tips to bring in positive growth professionally are listed below:

1. Read inspiring biographies or books

Vastu says North-west direction of the house is perfect for organising and reading the books. Ensure this area is always neat and clean. The inspiring books or biographies definitely motivate you to apply some of the finest qualities of those great leaders and help you scale up professionally.

2. Spruce-up the wall with pictures of Inspiring people

Adorn the walls of your home with a picture of an inspirational leader, or with a quote in the northern direction of your bedroom. As per vastu, when you start your day looking at it, it acts as a motivational force and brings in lot of positivity in your professional growth.

3. A World Map to keep you focused

A world map on the north wall of your house will add more focus into your life. As per Vastu, this tip keeps the distractions at the bay and enhances the enthusiasm to make you more ambitious. This definitely helps you achieve your career goals.

4. Water source in the North direction

Ensure the water source is always in the north direction, vastu says it brings in prosperity and peace into your life. It also increases the financial stability and security to stabilise your professional life.

5. Sculpture on the North- West direction

Enhance your decision-making ability by spending most of your time in the north-west direction or area. It is even better to deck up this area with a rock cut sculpture or a statue to see the effective results.

6. Sitting posture

Never sit with crossed legs it may hinder your professional growth. Seating position plays a crucial role as per vastu, Ensure your seat is away from the entrance and make sure not to face the back to the entrance. A solid wall behind your seat boosts your confidence and career growth.

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7. Choose the right furniture for workplace

Vastu says it is imperative to choose the right office furniture. The High back chairs ensure a significant and healthy career growth. Prefer the square shaped or rectangle shaped table or office desk over any other irregular shaped furniture. Avoid sharp edged furniture and opt for wooden furniture. Fix the broken furniture immediately or replace it with a new one.

8. Electronic gadget on the south-east corner

Make sure the computers, laptops, telephones or any other electronic stuff are placed in the south-east corner. Ensure the wires are not visible on the table to keep the place clutter free. Keep the workplace clean and tidy.

9. Elegant Crystals and glass top tables for Office

Deck up the office table with Quartz crystals, they enhance the career opportunities and ensure a smooth career. Prefer the glass table tops in the conference or meeting rooms or in the cabin, they add value to your job and are extremely beneficial.

10. Refrain blocking the South-East direction

Vastu says to let the doors open freely in the South-East direction. Ensure there are no obstacles in this direction. It is believed that the South-East is the direction of ‘The Lord of wealth (Kuber)’ and hence aids in the growth of wealth.

11. Place a fountain or water flow portrait in the North-east.

Placing a portrait or a water flow image in the north east direction or even constructing a small fountain in this area adds for a successful career. Fresh flowers on the East side of the office are effective too.

12. Avoid Negativity in the portraits

Refrain from images depicting war, violence, sorrow etc in the workplace or home and never live in obscurity. Instead opt for the inspiring and motivating portraits like mentioned earlier. A light or a lamp in the South East area of the office may aid the finance and good luck.

13. Vastu Tips for Home Office

If you have a Home office setup ensure the office room and the bedroom are not adjacent. Ensure all the doors and the windows are clean. Overall the workspace at home should be spick and span.

Adhering to the above vastu rules and regulations will surely help you with a successful and a happy career.

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