12 things you must do in the morning to lose weight

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The calories don’t burn but the guilt burns you from inside. That favorite T-shirt which won’t fit you, the stubborn waistline and constant worry about those extra kgs you have piled on cause much agony. Weight gain and obesity not only poses potential health problems but also affect level of confidence and work performance. Enlisted below are 12 fab ways how you can choose to lose.

1. Warmup as you wake up

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While you are still in the bed start warming up the body. Begin by stretching the back and abdominal muscles. Loosen up the joints by rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise starting with the neck, smaller joints and gradually moving to the shoulder, knee and hip joints. Warm up readies the body for strenuous exercises and prevents muscle injuries.

2. Plan your meals for the day ahead

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Plan out your meals and portions as the day begins. Apportion the highest calorie intake for your breakfast. The other meal portions in the day should gradually be leaner and taken at frequent intervals. Smaller portions help in easy digestion and also increase basal metabolic rate which helps you lose weight faster. Try innovative low carb, high protein and high fibre recipes. Prefer baked, roasted, smoked or puffed foods.

3. Map your journey to transformation

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Maintain a diary of your efforts, how your changing body and personality make you feel and even the smallest achievements. Write down about how you managed to resist the temptation to finish off that delicious doughnut or how you managed to avoid that oily samosa staring back at you. Record your weight once every week the same time and same day. The purpose is to stay motivated and cultivate a habit towards healthy weight loss.

4. Flush the toxins

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Drink a glass full of lukewarm water with a dash of lime on empty stomach. The pectin in lime curbs hunger and warm water aids digestion and helps in flushing the toxins.

5. Change the cup

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Replace your bed tea or the early morning cuppa coffee with a healthier cinnamon tea / green tea/ginger and lime tea. Caffeine is an addictive stimulant and chronic consumption causes insomnia, constipation, weakening of bones and dysfunctional fat metabolism. On the other hand cinnamon or green teas have plenty of antioxidants which are known to improve fat breakdown.

6. Get high on protein

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Proteins are digested slowly and body burns calories in the efforts to do so. Hence they make you feel full for a longer duration. Also proteins increase muscle built up instead of flabby fat. You can blend a quick smoothie with seasonal fruits, yogurt, low fat milk and a heap of protein powder. Protein smoothie is filling and you keeps away from craving for unhealthy snacks.

7. Sweat it Out

Sweat it Out @TheRoyaleIndia

You need to walk away from the lazy morning walks try to alternate between mock skipping, cycling, jogging and set the mood for the entire day. If you are a gym person always train in the mornings alternate between weights and cardio. In a semi fasting state during the mornings body burns more calories than it does throughout the day.

8. Power Yoga

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If you hate to hit the gym try power yoga. It is a blend of meditation and powerful yogasanas for those who want to start the day on a spiritual note. It has emphasis on strength and flexibility. It can be customized to concentrate on specific body parts to tone them just like a gym workout.

9. Healthy breakfast

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Skipping breakfast can cause excessive hunger early in the afternoon thus making you fall for bad food choices throughout the day. Breakfast is the most important meal and must fulfil all the nutritional needs of the body. Superfoods for breakfast-

Oatmeal- Nutritious source of fibre which gives a feeling of fullness.

Eggs- Eggs contain vitamin B12 which help in breaking down of fats. Beans and legumes-Packed with proteins and fibres. Green veggies and whole grain parathas- Provide wholesome nutrition

10. Vital vitamins and calcium

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Pop your daily dose of multivitamin and calcium before you leave home. Vitamins are very essential for metabolism of energy and overall cellular wellbeing. Calcium accelerates fat metabolism and also prevents fat formation. Natural source of vitamins-Whole grains, milk, cereals, fish, eggs, citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce.

11. Replace sugars

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Refined sugar tends to accumulate fat and use up the body storage of vitamins and minerals while it is being digested. Also uncontrolled chronic use of sugars and artificial sweeteners cause many health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart ailments, tooth decay etc. Replace your morning white sugar intake with honey, jaggery or dates.

12. Ginger trigger

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Chew a tiny piece of ginger while performing your daily morning chores. Ginger increases salivary secretion and aids digestion. The enzymes found in saliva are essential in beginning the process of digestion of dietary starches and fats.

Subtle changes in your morning ritual can go a long way to help you lose weight and maintain it steady so ‘Rise and shine’.

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