10 ways to not mess your look with white shirt

September 14, 2014 10 ways to not mess your look with white shirt @TheRoyaleIndia 941 0 0

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One of the most classic pieces of clothing, a White Shirt, can be worn for almost all occasions. Traditionally worn as symbol of wealth by the elite as they could afford to keep it white and clean, it is now a staple wardrobe requirement along the lines of perfect denims and the little black dress. Listed below are some ways that will help you carry off the White Shirt in style.

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FrameUp! – Wear the classic shirt in style keeping in mind your body type. For a thin frame person, buying that perfect fitting white shirt can indeed be troublesome; they’re either too large or too long. Alter your shirt as per your size and avoid shirts that have oversized collars and over the top fussy frills and detailing. If you are top heavy, ruffles, frills and extra detailing on the upper part of the shirt is a big No No! Also, make it a point that the shirt buttons in the right places so it doesn’t gap and catch any superfluous attention.

Peek-a-boo – Ensure your classic white shirt is not playing hide and seek with the world around you. Check on how sheer your white shirt is and dress in appropriate under clothing.

Color me White – Worried that you may not be able to carry off white as it isn’t enhancing your complexion? Fret not, accessorize with a scarf or jacket that complements your skin tone. Alternatively, you could try accessorizing with a solid colored bib necklace.

Effortless White & Denims

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You can never go wrong or mess up this look! Simple yet stylish, your blue denims paired with a white shirt, is a combination that can never fail.

Business Executive

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A crisp white shirt with a pencil skirt or trousers, is the most conventional formal attire at work. You can always play safe with this pair and it’s a sure way to keep that business look stylish.

Layer up / down – Add a layer on the white shirt by putting on a bold color cardigan like a pink, blue, red, etc. Alternatively, you can put on a white shirt under your bustier dress to create a business casual look. Also, wear it under a short sleeved sweater and roll up the sleeves of the white shirt for an au courant look.

White & Prints – Wearing print can be very tricky, and the safest bet is to couple it with a white shirt. Keep it simple and chic.

White from Head to Toe – Go white from neck down, if you can steer clear from staining the whites! An outfit that’s perfect to beat the heat that the summer brings.

Tunic & Skirt

tunic and skirt @TheRoyaleIndia

Wear a long tunic white shirt and pair it with self colored leggings and accessorize with a smart belt round the waist.

 Sport a white shirt with a short skirt and flaunt your legs or choose to keep them hidden by pairing it with a maxi skirt and keep it simple and elegant.

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