10 Ways to Ace The ‘Date’ Of The Year

February 5, 2015 10 Ways to Ace The 'Date' Of The Year @TheRoyaleIndia 705 0 0

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Depending on if you are single or with a partner; how you plan to celebrate it; what you plan on gifting; what do you get in return, calls for ‘tsk tsks’ and/ or jealous vibes from people. So as to not fall in people’s eyes, we are here to help you with offbeat gifting/ date ideas for Valentine’s Day this year. If you are a permanent resident of procrastination, then we advise you to read these now than Google ‘cheap quick fix V-day date ideas which don’t bankrupt me’ on 13th of February.

The most commercialised holiday in the world, 14th February can make you hate your hooked friends and/ or make you love your partner or vice versa. So without further ado, scroll below –

7 COURSE DINNER – Or can be a formal, very expensive three course dinner as well. No, an ‘all you can eat’ buffet does not count.

Start making the reservations right about now before all the good deals get snapped up. Hotels and restaurants have started advertising their romantic options. If you are lucky and have dough then couple it up with a room package.


Nothing spells romance as a good dance session in each other’s arms. Whether it is Ballroom Dancing, Salsa, Bachata, Waltz or Tango it is always fun to learn something together. If not a lifetime commitment (you are already hopefully having that with your partner), sign up for a short weekend course.


couples massage valentines day @TheRoyaleIndia

A candle lit room, soft music, relaxing aromas and two beds. Ah sounds perfect for a couple’s massage. Relax and unwind together whilst getting those tension knots removed. Finish it off with a shower together.

CRUISE – Don’t want to go to a restaurant and eat food while looking at each other’s faces? Hire a yacht. You can hire one right from two hours till about six.

Depending on the time you plan to set sail, get your package done early. Get champagne/ wine, amazing food packed from your partner’s and your favourite restaurant and drink and eat while looking at the sunset from the middle of the sea.


Your partner is the athletic type? You just can never seem to understand their desire to run and get all sweaty, barely being able to breathe? Why not keep your prejudiced side away for one day and join them for a marathon? If no marathon is scheduled then take them running outside a picturesque locale or arrange for a cycle tour of the city; end the morning with a beautiful picnic all laid out for them in a park.


Formal expensive dinner just doesn’t do it for ya? You want to have dinner on the special day with the special one but want to do it differently? And you cannot even cook? Why not reserve a table in three to four different restaurants- one for drinks, one for appetizers, one for the entree and one for desserts? The restaurants could be his/ her favourite ones or the ones which remind both of you of your early days or the ones you guys have been dying to try out.


lunch date for valentines day @TheRoyaleIndia

You are busy on 14th night with a very important business dinner which had been planned eons ago; your partner is flying out of the city for some urgent work. Yet you want to spend some time on the 14th together but both of you are working and are unavailable during the day. Why don’t you do a lunch date? Lot of pros to it- because it is a Saturday this year, work is usually less busy in the afternoon, restaurants are not as packed as a Mumbai highway and you get enough time to spend with each other.


Both of you are campers and love travelling. Go for an overnight stargazing camping trip close to the city. With a pleasant breeze and a night under the blanket of stars, it cannot get more romantic than this. Score for you!


You love cooking and/ or have been secretly taking cooking classes just for this special day. Or you wish you could cook but luckily you know a close friend who is a chef and is ready to cook for you. Go ahead and bowl your partner over.


Your partner loves gaming (probably so do you) and cannot seem to stop whining about not being able to explore the new arcade that recently opened up. Go ahead and have a fun filled evening of paint ball or bowling or virtual Grand Prix.

As a conclusion and as an add on we have five pieces of advice for you-

  • If you are the lucky in love couples, please don’t rub it in single people’s faces. It just doesn’t suit you.

  • If you are not into him and her then come clean. Please don’t make him or her spend money on you before you dump them.

  • Don’t propose to your significant other unless you are absolutely sure they want to marry you.

  • If you are single, it is perfectly okay to lock yourself up at home, scream obscenities in the direction of the couples, order your comfort food (read fattening) and watch rom coms crying into your chocolate ice cream.

  • Remember Pooja from Dil toh pagal hai? Remember her philosophy of buying shit loads of cutesy stuff for herself and meeting the love of her life before 12 am? Yeah, don’t be like her.

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