10 Super Hacks for Travelling with Your Kids sans the Fuss and Worry

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They might be small in size yet hold a space tantamount to an entire universe within your heart. Needless to say that it is the comfort and happiness of these tiny titans that matter most to you during travels. Once out of the home you have little control over how things roll, kids being the unpredictable factor in your voyaging equation. The only thing to do is eliminating as many possibilities of misfortune as possible and being prepared to tackle most of them with easy expertise. Here are 10 super hacks for notching up your parenting game while travelling with your kids.

1. Nothing Can Bring You Down if You Research Without a Frown

Your soul might be craving to visit that hill-top Buddhist monastery, but your child’s physical endurance might not live up to such lofty ambition. It is better to pick your destinations according to the age, inclinations, and health of the children. Since it is their vacation as well try to find out places which have some appeal for the kids. Pony rides in hill stations like Shimla and Darjeeling can keep the small wonders enthralled. Animal sanctuaries and zoos also never fail to attract the mini ones. Even if you are in a thoroughly prosaic neighbourhood such as the India Gate, you can take the kid to the nearby lake for boating on fiberglass swans. Search for kid-friendly tourist spots online and read other traveller reviews for more insight.

2. You will Travel light if the Packing is done to Delight

Children need several changes of clothes a day. Instead of stacking, roll their tops, bottoms, and socks together to save space. Use the portable travel toiletry pouches for keeping the nappy, wipes and other baby essentials. If you have more than one kid, put each set of their clothes in a different ziplock pouch with names written on top. This way the kids can choose what they want to wear and get ready without fighting. Buy a bigger bottle of baby shampoo that all family members can share to stay clean and save space at the same time.

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3. All will be Well When You Book Kids’ Friendly Hotel

The concept of the kid-friendly hotel is catching up fast like wildfire in India. Many hotels and resorts are trying to include a special play zone for kids up to teenage where they can play foosball, carom, computer games and more. Some hotels even have special suites and rooms designed to meet the needs of families with children like Taj Bengal’s Junior Suite. A kid-friendly hotel’s authorities also don’t mind providing parents with infant cribs without extra charges or sterilizing the baby’s bottles. Talk to the management and learn as much as you can about the kids’ friendly features offered before booking.

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4. No Perspiration during Transportation

If you are travelling by road then buying a car organizer for keeping the kids’ things would be a smart decision. These organizers can be hung behind a seat so that kids have ease of access. Dry fruits are great munching companions. Carry a shawl if you need to breastfeed the baby during journeys. Cover your child’s ears with earmuffs as the plane takes off to prevent ear-popping. Trains in India are known for delays. Pack extra food and milk supplement for such situations.

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5. It’s Always a Win-win if You Don’t Compromise Hygiene

Children are messy people. A big burp or a spilled bottle of ketchup can not only ruin their clothes but also make them hyper and cranky. Pooping the pants or overflowing nappies are also possible hygiene disasters that often happen en route or in the middle of an expensive dinner. Keep some plastic bags and wet towels in your hand luggage for disposing ruined clothes easily and cleaning them up in a jiffy. May it be a sudden peeing emergency on the roadside or having ice-cream from a cart, the hand sanitizer will come to your rescue every time you crave cleanliness.

6. Wisdom is Your Buddy for Placing Meal Orders Mummy and Daddy

When it comes to food, children are undoubtedly the hardest to please. Some kids are intolerant to spicy foods. Even a Schezwan sauce can make their eyes water. Opt for the milder options from the menu for your little one’s tender palette. Noodle, sweet corn soup, fries are some safe choices. If ordering North Indian, choose white gravies which are made without chili powder. Momos and thukpas are both tasty and fulfilling for young kids. .

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7. Smart Parents are They Who Keep Boredom at Bay

No matter whether it is a hill station or seaside you are visiting, your munchkins can complain of boredom followed by grumpy grunts and full-fledged outbursts any time. Keep some easy to replace, cost-effective entertainment ready at hand for distracting them during long rides, wait at the airport and other times of inactivity. Pack some rhyme CDs to be played on the car if that is your mode of transport. Colouring books, paper, sketch pens, toys that make repetitive motions and noises are also good options. Bigger kids might like Rubik’s cube and puzzle games.

8. Children Can Handle Tough Situation if They Have Right Information

Mishaps don’t come after calling. It is better to prepare children so that they can at least give information about your whereabouts in case they get lost. Make them memorize your mobile number, name, and address. Share with them the name of hotel and room number where you are staying. If the child is too young then write the same on a paper and stick it to their clothes like a brooch.

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9. It is a Matter of Urgency: Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies

Touring bus or AC car, winding road or highway, many children have the tendency to feel nauseated in vehicles. Keep nausea repellent tablets along with medicines for fever, ear-ache, cold and cough handy. In addition, carry other medical emergency basics such as mercurochrome solution, Dettol, cotton balls and Band-Aids. It is also a good idea to visit the child pediatrician once before the trip starts. The places where you stay should have resident doctors for midnight tummy troubles and more.

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10. Last yet Hefty, Never Ignore Safety

Keeping the current circumstances in mind, children are nowhere safe. Irrespective of their gender, teach them about the good-touch and the bad touch. Give them the confidence to report back to you if they come across any audacious behaviour. Build a habit in them not to accept food or drinks from strangers, not even the hotel’s staff without your supervision.

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