10 Netflix Shows that Netizens Can’t Wait to Watch in 2018

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What makes the long wait at the doctor’s chamber bearable? What makes you wish the traffic moved slower towards while riding on a cab back home from work? Netflix shows must be the reason behind your patience. Whenever boredom hits you hard this online entertainment company readily serves watch-worthy content to your phone, anytime, and anywhere. However, in 2017 Netflix cancelled and ended several shows unexpectedly. This list includes Girlboss and Gypsy and many other shows that lived only the span of one aired season. Moreover, the season of festivity is nearing its eventual end. Sooner than the blink of an eye you have to exchange the rich plum cakes, roasted meat and wine for humdrum routine. This makes it doubly crucial to find out what shows are going to be on offer at Netflix as the New Year incepts. You probably also wish to find out, which shows are returning and whether Netflix is launching riveting originals the coming year. Here follows a list of shows Netflix crazies are dying to watch in 2018.

1. Altered Carbon

A sci-fi series starting in 2018 on Netflix, Altered Carbon tells the story of a murky yet thrill driven future. Set 300 years ahead in time this new show has been adapted from the same-named novel penned by Richard K Morgan. The story offers a fresh take on technology overtaking human mind. Data from one brain to another is downloaded with ease. It seems this show has a lot up its sleeve. Its first episode will be aired in February.

2. Maniac

If dark humor is your thing, then the upcoming Netflix series Maniac should interest you. Conceived and written by Patrick Somerville, this show will star some big names like Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Its story narrates the fantasy-infused worlds imagined by two mental patients admitted in a reputed mental institution. Looks like some power packed performances might be in store for us!

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3. Stranger Things Season 3

Much speculation is going on whether this hit show will be back with season 3 next year. According to many sources, Stranger Things can be Netflix’s secret trump card for the fall of 2018. Though Season 2 of Stranger Things did not offer many twists in the tale, the brilliant storytelling has got a grip on the hearts of watchers. Needless to say fans of the show are eagerly waiting for more.

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4. Jessica Jones Season 2

One of the members of Marvel Comics Universe, Jessica Jones won many hearts when the first season of this show was aired in Netflix. Finally, the show is returning with its long-awaited season 2 in 2018. Tall Girls Productions and ABC Studios have joined hands with Marvel Television to produce it. Krysten Ritter will again be seen starring as the lead protagonist. Unlike most Marvel productions, this show addresses more adult and real subjects such as rape, assault and abortion. It will be a treat to see how Jessica’s character evolves and unfolds in the series after 2 years of beginning her journey.

5.Outlaw King

Does your heart crave period dramas? Netflix seems to have something in store for you. The Outlaw King is the perfect historical onscreen fiction you need to feast your eyes on. Airing in 2018, this Netflix original has Robert the Bruce at its centre of attraction. This valiant protagonist gets thrown out of the kingdom’s periphery by King of England. Once declared an outlaw, Robert goes through strife and struggle to start a battle for winning the Scottish Crown. Intrigue is a given, can we say?

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6. Orange is the New Black Season 6

One of the legendary American web drama, Orange is the New Black will be back with its newest season on Netflix in 2018. Made by Jenji Kohan, this show has been acclaimed and praised by critics around the world. The first season of the show had amassed a staggering 12 Emmy Award nominations. Aired first in 2013, this show tells us the story of Piper Chapman who gets convicted of being associated with drug money 10 years after the crime actually happened. Her upper-middle class life gets shattered and all her relationships start changing. Piper also has to evaluate her friendship with Alex, the drug boss, who took her name in trial. The show, however, depicts a number of complex problems such as funding cuts, drug peddling, corruption and over-crowding of prisons that affect the inmates. Backstory of various prisoners makes this a hit show.

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7. Grace and Frankie Season 4

An American comedy drama of mettle, Grace and Frankie will be returning with Season 4 in 2018. First aired in 2013, this show has Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in lead roles. In a highly twisted tale, the story begins when the husbands of these unlikely friends commit to each other and decide to get married. The women are left broken and dumbfounded together. One a cosmetics tycoon and another teacher, Grace and Frankie have little in common. They also dislike a lot about each other. But, circumstances force them to live under the same roof and form a darkly humorous companionship.

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8. Mob Psycho 100

Adapted from a well-known Manga series, Mob Psycho 100 is geared to take Netflix lovers by storm with its live-action content. It revolves around a middle-school student with psychic abilities. As he comes to realize his gift of premonitions, the teenager has to face a group of villains scheming to take over the world. In his bid to overpower evil he will also have to save other teenagers like him.

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9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Season 4 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will be available for you on Netflix in 2018. Ellie Kemper plays the protagonist Kimmy and does quite a brilliant job of it. When in 8th grade, Kimmy was kidnapped and kept inside a bunker for 15 years by a lunatic. She was made to believe that doomsday has wiped earth clean of life. After being rescued the indomitable Kimmy starts a new life in New York. Soon she gets hired as a nanny to a ten year old and discovers how world has changed while she was locked away.

10. The Frozen Dead

Thriller lovers will be intrigued by the unraveling of plot in The Frozen Dead which is also known as Glace. A horse is beheaded first and a series of sinister events follows. In a French town covered in snow, a dreadful murder mystery unfolds. The Frozen Dead is the story of a mad and vengeful serial killer and commandant Martin Servaz who trails him.

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