10 Must Have Lingerie in a Fashionista’s Wardrobe

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Basic tees, floral tops, pencil skirts, and more, you might be aware of the trending attires that would complete your wardrobe, but when it comes to completing your wardrobe with lingerie, then most women often struggle and finding the correct sort as per the latest trends.

Definitely, you don’t want your bra line or your innerwear to show when you are wearing something from the current trend. Lingerie is the basic and gives a strong foundation to every piece of attire in your closet. No matter which season it is and what sort of dress you are wearing, it is essential to complement your fit with the perfect lingerie that can enhance your body shape and at the same time deliver you with maximum comfort. So, plan your wardrobe with all the essential lingerie items and include on your list. To help you pick up lingerie for the fashionista in you, read on this blog and opt for the ones you need in your wardrobe:

1. The Perfect Bra

Having the perfect bra is an essential lingerie item for women of any age and size. Your bra must offer you with a perfect fit and must even enhance your personality. The common types of bras that you must include in your closet are – T-shirt bra, Nude bra, Convertible bra, and Lacy bra.

T-shirt bras are ideal for everyday wear and are perfect to be adorned under anything, which is tight, well-fitted to the body. These bras are seamless, and you would not find any line appearing under your clothes. Moreover, the accurate cup size would give your breast the needed definition and support.

A nude bra is ideal when you wish to wear something that is light colored or white colored. For the perfect finish, you must select a nude shade that matches well to your body or skin color. There are varieties of shades available, and you may check them online.

Convertible bras are perfect for those who have a closet with sleeves-less or backless attires. These bras are ideal for customizing as strapless, low-back, and halter styles with few brands even offering the crisscross pattern. While buying these pieces just make sure that you brought items that is perfect to be adorned under low-neck tops.


Image Credits – Victoria’s Secret

2. Sports Bra

Besides the regular bra, every woman must have a perfect fitting sports bra that can meet the comfort and strength needed when you are heading towards the gym or planning for a routine walk. The sports bra gives you support and makes sure that your body gets remains in shape while you are working out. You can wear them even when you are out on adventure trip.


Image Credits – adidas

3. High-Waist Cotton Panties

If you don’t want your tummy to show down and want maximum comfort, then you must dress in high-quality cotton panties, which are ideal for everyday wear. While cotton is an excellent fabric throughout the year and gives you maximum comfort in every season, the high-waist panties offer maximum coverage and are ideal for most of the dresses, be it skirts, swing dresses, customized trousers, and more. If you are planning to wear a low-waist dress, then you can prefer wearing cotton based low-waist panties for the comfort and finished fit.


Image Credits – AliExpress.com

4. Shaping Panty

If you are confused selecting between comforts and sung, then the shaping panties can serve you with both the purposes. These panties are designed to offer maximum coverage to the waist, hips, and both front and back. They are great in shape and can be worn to give the perfect figure for any dress. You must select shaping panty that completely covers your stomach so that your tummy does not show off while you are best dressed in your favorite attire. Make sure that the panty rests slightly above the tummy as otherwise it would roll down and this might be a little annoying.


Image credits – swegmark.com

5. Full Slip

You might find the knee-length slip quite outdated, but if you wear it beneath your clothes, then they can help you keep your elegance intact. A lightweight printed dress adorned above a skin tone slip can help you carry your dress with absolute modesty. While selecting the slip just makes sure you pick a light tone or something that matches well with your skin color to offer you with a lasting finish and absolute sheen.

6. Shaping Slip

The main aim of this slip is to offer your body with the perfect shape that can enhance your overall persona. With a good shaping slip, you can refine your silhouette and give yourself a flattering appearance that can make you look more slim and leaner. If you are wearing a fitted dress or skirt and want to give your body an attractive appearance, then you must get this slip and wear it underneath your dress.

The shaping slips are right to virtually decrease your fat two few inches and make you look a couple of inches leaner. Select a slip that hides the fat around specific areas, such as hips, thighs, tummy, waist, and bums. Now, no need to spend your day in thinking about reducing that extra weight on your body as with shaping slip you can look a little bit leaner and dress up beautifully!


Image Credits – classicshapewear.com

7. Hosiery

Besides cotton, the fabric that must occupy a respectable space in your closet is hosiery. Panties made with hosiery are much more long-lasting than those prepared with cotton. They are durable and available in a wide range of shades. The best thing is that they are pretty much affordable, and hence, you must always have a pack of them in your wardrobe to meet your basic needs of comfort and durability.

Fishnet tights are other essentials of this section, which are chic, trending and fashionable items that can spice up your regular wear. The smaller the mesh size, the better they look, and so you must avail fishnets that have a smaller mesh size.


Image -thejewishlady.com

8. Garter Belt and Stockings

These two items cannot go without each other and so you if you have one then surely you need to have the other one as well. A garter belt along with stockings is the trendy splurge that would make you feel adorable and at the same time offer you with great comfort. Invest your money in some good brands when you are purchasing these items to make sure you buy the best at a competitive price.


Image credits – Prettysecrets

9. Naughty Sleepwear and a Robe

A robe is one of the most sorted things that every woman needs, and you can style yourself with a naughty sleepwear underneath to temp up pep up your nightlife. Be it your house or you are going out on vacation, you can use it everywhere. A soft, simple, and appealing robe and can add glamor to your overall look.

10. Half-Slipz

For those who have a nook towards wearing party dresses or skirts, having a half-slip is a must. These slips deliver an ideal shape to the body and make sure that none of your inner creases is revealed outside.

These are the must-have lingerie items for any fashionista, but one thing that is most needed is a spacious lingerie wash bag. With a wash bag, you can take proper care of your essentials and ensure that they do not experience any malfunction or damage.

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