10 Must Have Accessories for your Smart Phone to make it Smarter

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Have you got a brand new phone and are you looking for some great accessories to go with it? Maybe you are looking for a particular accessory to enhance the functioning of your smart phone. Or maybe you just want to gift someone a useful extra bit that they could enjoy.

Whatever be the reason, smart phone accessories are a classy yet fun way to keep up with technology as well as make life a little bit more interesting.

Here are some great accessories that complement the smart phones.

1. Affix with the Lenses

For all the photography enthusiasts out there, the camera tends to be one of the more important features on the phone. The camera is one feature that gets used almost on a daily basis whether it is to take a selfie or just create a pictorial memory of the sunset.

An optical zoom lens is a feature that can be attached to your smart phone. This can help you zoom in and out better to take pictures that are in motion. A 30x optical zoom lens will help you capture shots at long distance.

Other lenses are also available to enhance your photography experiences such as wide angle lenses, macro lenses. These lenses can be clipped on to your smart phone and they can help you take better pictures.

10 Must Have Accessories for your Smart Phone to make it Smarter

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2. Pin on the Speakers

Who doesn’t enjoy humming along to music? Wouldn’t you want to enhance that musical experience using a good quality speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are a great way of listening to your favorite music without carrying around any bulk. They require no wires or cables to function. The iBall Lil Bomb 70 is a light weight speaker that produces sound at good volume. Other good ones are the Kinivo BTX110 and Logitech Wireless.

There are some great portable speakers also available such as the Diamond MSP100B which is one of the current favorites around the world.

10 Must Have Accessories for your Smart Phone to make it Smarter

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3. Secure with a Camera Protector

If your phone camera is not being protected with a case, chances are that scratches could develop on the camera surface and this affects the quality of your photos and videos.

Camera protector rings are available for iPhones such as the iPhone 6 variety. This is a good accessory if you don’t want to use a case.

Invest in a good quality camera protector ring as it will protect your camera for a longer period of time. The Techwich Camera Lens Metal Protection Ring is a popular choice for many phones.

10 Must Have Accessories for your Smart Phone to make it Smarter

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4. Hook up with a Gamepad

This just keeps getting better. If you are an avid gamer, then you might want to consider investing in a good quality gamepad. The GameSir G3 is a good choice for android phones while Mad Catz C.T.R.L.I is suitable for the iPhones.

The iControlPad 2 has a built in battery that lasts for 14 hours and is expected to be one of the best that the market offers.

10 Must Have Accessories for your Smart Phone to make it Smarter

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5. Empower with the Power Bank

Gone are the days when phone batteries lasted for ages. In this day and age, we use up so much electric charge that we constantly need to keep plugging our phones in again and again. A power bank makes things way more convenient.

Whether we are going camping or maybe an electric circuit is just not available, power banks can help us keep our mobiles charged. This is very important in times of emergency such as if one is travelling late and the phone is running out of charge.

Many power banks are portable and can be easily carried around in one’s pocket or backpack. The market has many options such as power banks that are waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

Choose one with good capacity, built in cable and has protective features against short circuit and over charging. Some good choices are PNY BE-740 with a capacity of 10400 Mah or the ADATA PT100 which has a capacity of 10000 Mah.

10 Must Have Accessories for your Smart Phone to make it Smarter

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6. Connect with the Headphones

Headphones are a must with every smart phone. Most of the phones come with their own ear phones but the market has many advanced pieces such as the MEElectronics A151. They offer good sound quality and are decently priced. Options of choosing one with or without inline mikes.

7. Couple with Bluetooth Headsets

For those of you who like going hands free, a good Bluetooth headset is able to help you receive calls and also filter out background noise.

This is a good accessory for those who are always on the go. Calls can be attended to, Skype conferences can be attended, and all this can be done with a good quality headset. With each Bluetooth headset, there are two to three microphones available that give better call quality.

Choose one that has a comfortable fit. It is always advisable to try one out to see if you are comfortable with it. Some of them like the Plantronics Voyager Legend may seem bulky but actually slip in comfortably into the ear.

Some of the other good picks are the Jawbone Era and the Plantronics Voyager Edge.

8. Click with Selfie Stick

A selfie stick may not be an accessory that is absolutely necessary like the power bank or the headset. But it could be very handy when you are taking pictures and are doing so solo. It is basically a monopod that tales selfies by positioning the smart phone beyond the range of the arm. They have either remote control or Bluetooth devices that let the user decide when to take the picture. If you want to click pictures from interesting and different angles, a selfie stick can help you do this.

Some popular models are the PolarPro selfie stick and the Quik Pod. A less expensive but common model is the Looq Selfie Stick.

10 Must Have Accessories for your Smart Phone to make it Smarter

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9. Bind with the USB Cable

This humble accessory is mainly a supportive feature. It helps you attach your phone to pen drives, chargers, laptops, modems and basically any electronic device that allows a plug in. They keep your gadgets charged and in sync at all times.

The Tylt Syncable is a great option when you don’t want your cables to get tangled. It has a flat design that prevents tangling. If you want a pop of bright color, the iFrogz UniqueSync has some great range of colors to choose from.

10. Tie up to a Mobile Phone Holder

For the more organized person, a mobile phone holder helps you do other things while you avail the facilities of your phone. They can be mounted anywhere on a flat surface such as a desk or a table top, a kitchen counter or a dashboard. It also takes away the risk of handling your phone while driving.

These holders keep your phone secure as you navigate while driving or when you are following instructions while doing something with your hands. The Retina DC001 Mobile Holder and the Universal Car Mini Clip Mobile Holder.

Wrapping it up

Smart phone accessories are more than what is listed above. There are many innovative accessories that are available on the market and they not only add to the classy and cool look of your phone but also complement your phone greatly in so many ways.

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