10 Home decorating mistakes you should never make!

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Let your story unfold in your home as the walls, accessories and furniture do all the talking! Beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder, but there are a few thumb rules that you need to keep in mind when decorating your home. You have got to stay away from the home decorating faux pas!

Mistake #1: Decorating as per your fancy!

Decorating as per your fancy @TheRoyaleIndia

We all wish we had certain things in life! But truth to be told, you can’t do anything about what you don’t have. So live life in the present. When thinking of decorating a room, keep in mind your family and the lifestyle you live. While sofas with white or any light colored fabric may look appealing and classy, they may not be suitable if you have kids running and playing around at home; with a high possibility of them leaving stains on your whites.

Tip – Go for fabrics in dark colors or you can play around with prints and patterns that will camouflage any stubborn stains.

Mistake #2: Too much Furniture

Too much Furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

The furniture is one of the most important features of your home. When you buy furniture ensure it isn’t too big or small for the room space. It’s wise to have only that furniture that adds some value to your room; get rid of the rest. Keep it charming and functional!

Tip – For small homes, invest in furniture that can work in two ways. E.g. A sofa cum bed, an ottoman with storage space, etc.

Mistake #3: Matching Matching

Matching Matching @TheRoyaleIndia

Same pinch! Well, if you like a particular color, style and/or print it’s important that you don’t go overboard with it.

Tip Choose your base color and then play along with shades of it, creating a classy monochromatic look. Create a layered, dimensional look by adding variety in fabrics, patterns and textures.

Mistake #4: Painting your wall before you test it out

Painting your wall before you test it out @TheRoyaleIndia

Color color, which color do you want? It is extremely essential to test out your colors before you begin painting the room. While the color may look artistic in your head, it may not necessarily bring out the same once it is up on the wall.

Tip – Once you’ve shortlisted your colors and shades, bring the paint swatches home and test it out on your wall.

Mistake #5: Ignoring the Lighting!

Ignoring the Lighting @TheRoyaleIndia

And let there be light….! Lighting is another key feature of a well decorated home. Allow all of nature’s light into your home. And ensure that there is more than one source of brightness in the room.

Tip – Place your curtains in a way that allows natural light to enter the room when you’d like. Invest in table lamps, swing-arm lamps, etc.

Mistake #6: Elevating your artwork and accessories

Elevating your artwork and accessories @TheRoyaleIndia

Show off in élan! The artwork and accessories you use to adorn your home speak volumes of who you are. So don’t place them at heights where your guests will have to ape a giraffe and stretch their necks to view the piece of artwork.

Tip– Place your artwork eight to ten inches above furniture, and around five feet from the floor enabling an easy glimpse for an average height viewer.

Mistake #7: Accessories galore

Accessories galore @TheRoyaleIndia

Accessories without a doubt add vigor and character to your home. But there’s a fine line that once crossed can make the room cluttered and messy.

Tip– Use accessories like throws, frames, crystals, etc. to decorate your home only to the extent that it adds some vivacity to the room.

Mistake #8: Letting the cable wires loose

Letting the cable wires loose @TheRoyaleIndia

Messy cable wires are a nightmare to a beautiful looking room. As of now we can’t live without these cable wires, but letting them loose in the open is not an option at all.

Tip – Camouflage those cable wires using simple décor cable clips that work smartly and also add some style to your room.

Mistake #9: Losing focus

Losing focus @TheRoyaleIndia

Don’t lose Focus! Every room should be arranged and decorated along a central focal point. This gives the room a sense of direction and flow.

Tip – If your focal point is your TV in your living room, arrange all your furniture around it.

Mistake #10: Not measuring/scaling up

Not measuring scaling up @TheRoyaleIndia

The measuring tape can be your best friend when decorating your home. Imagine having invested in silky curtains, only to realize that they fall short in length and don’t look as good as you’d want them to. And this rule applies to everything. All the items in the room need to scale up and relate to each other.

Tip – Place furniture in a way that it complements the other pieces of furniture.

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