10 Exercises You Can Do Sitting in the Office Chair

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With deadlines to meet, presentations to make, meetings to attend, and back-breaking hours of brainstorming and implementation—a huge percentage of your everyday is spent in the office. Time flies away even before you can blink. Once done with the work you either feel like turning in early or socialize a little. However, what awaits you at home is a bunch of chores. For many, this means the whole body of housework including cooking, cleaning, and washing. Where does exercise fit in a cramped schedule like yours? Staying put inside a cubicle for 8-10 hours a day is the important source of your independence (yes, the irony of life). Hence, we must make good use of the time you are shackled to the office chair for your personal benefit. According to the World Health Organization, around 3.2 million of deaths occur due to accurate lack of physical activities. Some of the potent threats are diabetes, heart disorder, and weakened bones. Since, health is wealth what can be better than practicing some easy exercises that you can do sitting. Here is a list of effective office chair exercises you can bet your money on. Psssst! You might even meet those New Yearly fitness resolutions through them!

1.Workout that Neck

Hunching over the laptop, pressing away the keys for hours in the office have no end! One part of your body that has to bear the burnt of this posture is the neck. An ignored body part, your neck feels stiffened and sore often. This can develop into spondylitis and other similar diseases. Steer clear of them by performing some simple neck exercises at regular intervals. Start by bending the head sideways towards the shoulder. Your ear should be parallel to the shoulder without touching it. Do the same on the other sides, rest and repeat. Bend your head towards the chest and lightly move it first to the left then to the right. Look back over the shoulder as if someone called you. Hold this pose for five breaths and then look forward. Repeat by looking over the other shoulder.

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2.Blast Your Belly Fat with Sitting Crunches

The one part your body which is really good at accommodating fat is the midriff. Once the tummy comes out, pushing it back to a graceful limit is difficult. But, we say, it’s not impossible. Start by doing some crunches while sitting. Recess would be best suited time for it. Sit at the edge of the office chair and hold it for support. Touch the ground with your toes with hills raised. Now, recline the upper half of your back so that it touches the office chair. Start lifting both legs together towards the belly. Do this twenty times in three sets. Soon the effect will become visible.

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3.Scissors to Keep the Chest Muscles Fitter

Keeping the chest firm and shapely is not an easy feat. The scissor hand movements can be of aid. Like the opening and closing of scissors, bring your hands closer and move them away. Make sure the hands pass above and beneath each other in an alternate motion.

4.Get Things Going with Twists and Cross Crunches

For those who have a heavy lower half, a combination of twists and cross crunches works best. If you have just started out, try practicing the twists for a few days. Simply sit straight on the office chair and cross your arms so that the fingers touch your shoulders. Exhale as you move the upper half of body towards the right. Inhale deeply as you come back to the first position. Keep alternating sides. Next, put hands behind your head and twist the body from left to right. Raise your right knee and try to touch it with the left elbow. Then twist towards the left, raise the left knee and try to touch it with the right elbow. Ten in a set of three is ideal for beginners.

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5.Clench Your Way to Shapely Hips

Perpetually growing hips are one of the most severe problems that cannot stay hidden. For an almost effortlessly achieved shapely behind try doing butt clenches on your seat. Clench the hips and hold this position for ten seconds. Release and repeat ten times. A set of five will be fine for starting. One benefit of this exercise is that no one can detect you are doing it.

6.Stretch Out for Firm Arms

The only frequent exercise that your arms participate in is lifting cups of coffees to the lips. Alright! You do a lot of project building, but that won’t help in building some toned, lean muscles. The easiest arm exercise to do on the office seat is stretching. Reach out as far left as you can by stretching the right hand. Keep the hand balanced by supporting the elbow with right hand’s palm. Repeat this movement by reaching out towards the right with the left hand.

7.Lift Those Legs Up to Tone

A sedentary lifestyle not just makes the legs lazy but also slackens the muscles. Avoid cramps and painfulness with leg raises. Sit comfortably on your office chair but keep the back straight. Raise one leg and then the other till the feet points straight ahead. Eight repeats for each leg in five sets is the recommended dosage that should help.

8.Knee to Chest Lifts for Flattened Tummy

It takes a battle to bring down the belly fat. Crunches and twists are good but they too need help. Knee to chest lifts can be it. Sit with a straight back on the chair and keep your feet hip-width apart from each other. Lift one knee up to the chest, hold it in the pose by holding it with hands and let it down. The same has to be repeated with the other leg too. Three sets with ten repeats will be enough.

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9.Feet Raises for Chiseled Calves

Sit straight and raise the feet so that the heel is up and only the toes are touching the ground. Hold this pose for ten seconds and repeat. This exercise burns the fat stored in calves, making them leaner and strengthening the muscles.

10.Reach the Floor to do Away with Love Handles

We are sure, you must have at some point of time tried this exercise standing up. This time onwards you will be doing it sitting. Keep your legs apart on the floor and raise arms straight sideways. Reach to the left feet with right hand and the right foot with your left hand. Keep going till you finish twenty repeats.

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