10 Exciting House Party Themes to Make New Year’s Eve 2018 Unforgettable

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New Year’s Eve is the apt time for dusting off the broken resolutions, shoving aside the millions of mini misfortunes and blowing away the unexpected upheavals that peppered your year. No matter how the past year has rolled out for you, don’t miss the opportunity to hail the approaching year with the most spectacular party in town. A foodgasmic spread of delicacies, a bunch of fun-loving friends and a constant stream of refreshing music, are the ingredients of a successful New Year’s Eve Party. But without an enthralling theme for binding these ingredients together in the refreshing flavor of a new beginning, this party recipe would be too bland to remember. A theme might sound exquisitely lavish to fit in the modest periphery of your humble home, and you might want to keep things regular with good booze, food, and fireworks at midnight. However, it is perfectly possible to notch up the excitement levels of your party through a theme, without breaking the bank.

Chuck the simple, humdrum, boring for once and raise the bar of anticipation by picking up one of the ten New Year’s Eve house party themes listed below.

1. Indulge in the World of Fantasies with the Superhero Theme

No matter whether you vouch for Marvel or DC gets your adrenaline going. There is no way of denying that superheroes form a part of most of our psyche. We all have our favourite and probably secretly bore the desire to unlock a superpower resembling theirs within since childhood. If you too are a die-hard fan of the fantastical realm of Avengers or Justice League, then the superheroes theme is ideal for your New Year’s Eve.

The Décor: Print the logos of popular superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Flash to decorate the walls of your home. Spiderman’s web style ceiling décor, superhero cutouts, Superhero city backdrop wallpaper, posters and comic strip style wall-hangings will ready your home for the revelries. Give your guests props like Superman sticker to be worn on the chest, Batman’s mask and Wonder Woman’s tiara to wear.  Wondering where to look for props? Just go to online websites like RedWolf or TheSouledStore and you will find everything you need.

The Food: American cuisine will be most suited to this theme. Keep enough hotdogs, burgers, corn on the cob, chicken crispers, fried wings and cheese poppers ready to go around. Mojitos and beers would be good choices of drinks to set the mood right.

The Music: You can make a playlist for each superhero according to their personality and origin. Hard metal, country pop and house music are some music genres that you can make your pick from.

2.Regale in the Regality of Seven Kingdoms with the Game of Thrones Theme

There is hardly any human soul who is left entirely untouched by the enticing thrill and spill charm of HBO’s popular Game of Thrones series. Adapted from the equally popular behemoth saga known as A Song of Ice and Fire penned by George R.R.Martin, Game of Thrones possess the valour, enigma, and sensuality of a modern epic. Needless to say that it can be the ideal New Year’s Eve party theme for you and your Game of Thrones enthusiast friends.

The Décor: Decorate your home with banners of House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Stark, House Baratheon, House Greyjoy, House Tyrell and House Martell.  You can also get some 3D dragon wall decals and use empty champagne and wine bottles as candle holders to be used as dining table centerpiece. Purchase or rent brass goblets to pass around for drinking. Use cardboard cutouts for decorating chairs in the style of the Iron Throne. All the guests must greet each other with a cry of “ValarMorghulis”. Gameofthronestheme

The Food: Cake pops in the style of Ned Stark’s head, roasted chicken, chicken fingers, a platter of cheese and meat pies are few of the food items to go with this theme.

The Music: Use the Game of Thrones anthem mixed with popular war anthem soundtracks in-between a mix of popular pop songs for a revving time.

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3. Enjoy Like There’s No Tomorrow with the Minions Theme

Childlike nuisance mingled with a pinch of seasoned naughtiness, the Minions are an indomitable and unstoppable lot. No one can evade the perniciously innocent charm of these yellow, one or two eyed, goggled creatures wearing jeans dungarees. If you too are a minion fan then party like them with the Minions theme.

[Image Credits – karaspartyideas.com]

The Décor: Decorate your home with minion posters, wall stickers, and cutouts. Get plenty of yellow and blue balloons to decorate the ceilings and upper parts of the walls. Use minion printed table cloth, sofa and cushion covers for a thematic semblance. Circulate minion goggles and let your guests pose with life-size cutouts of the three leading minions, Kevin, Bob, and Stuart. You may ask your guests to stick to the yellow and blue dress code for a picturesque outcome.

The Food: Yellow colored foods have to be the order of the eve. Spaghetti with meatballs, pizzas, cupcakes and lemon tarts are some delectable options for the night.

The Music: Funny and peppy dance tracks like Gangnam Style and Crazy Frog mix will surely put you in the mood for some minion like notoriety.

4. Party like a Delinquent with the Tapori Theme

Once in a while each of us needs a break from the goody-two-shoes attitude we wear on a daily basis, reveling like a hooligan with no care in the world. And what can be a better time than the eve of New Year for this!? Let’s admit, from Amir Khan’s Munna in Rangeela to Anil Kapoor’sLakhan from Ram-Lakhan. The Tapori clan is the spice of Bollywood that we can’t do without. If conforming is not your style then the Tapori theme is the best choice for your New Year’s Eve bash. .

The Décor: Since all the big stars of Bollywood, including Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, have played the role of a Tapori at least once, you can easily take cues from their reel ruffian avatars to style your look for the party. Ask all your guests to dress like Taporis too by donning side knotted handkerchief on their neck, open-buttoned shirts with ends tied together and caps are worn backward. Decorate your party space with empty whisky and beer bottles. You may also paste popular Tapori jargons like “Bindaas”, “Jhakkas”, “Kalti Mar” and “Mamu” on the walls.

The Food: Well-loved street foods like Bhelpuri, Chaat, PaoBhaji, Samosas, Egg Rolls and Seekh Kebabs can be on the menu. Order these amazing desi treats from FoodPanda

The Music: Popular Bollywood numbers, especially item songs, should be on the playlist.

5. Get Musically High with the Pop Star Party Theme

Elvis Presley or Eminem, Mick Jagger or Michael Jackson, no matter who is your pop idol, pop songs have been getting us high with their beats and bass for decades. The massive popularity of pop songs and craze for their singer-songwriters make the Pop Star theme a titillating pick.

The Décor: Decorate your living space with white, black and neon pink balloons. Install a bubble machine at a corner of the room and hang golden stars from the ceiling for a glittery effect. Cutouts of guitars, mic, and banners with lines from popular pop songs will thrill the invitees as well. You may also create a Photo Booth at a corner, letting your guests wear funky sunglasses, Elvis or Lady Gaga wigs and MJ’s jacket to pose for groupies.

The Music: Colourful cocktails served with finger foods like Chicken-cheese sliders, bacon wrapped prawns, croquettes and nachos will quench the hungry tummies while dancing.

The Music: To groove up the party you may hire a DJ who has knowledge of pop music. Alternatively make a non-stop playlist by selecting the chartbuster hits of Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Rihanna.

6. Relish Each Moment in Style with the Hippie Theme

One of the most infamous countercultures that emerged in the US in the 60’s, the Hippie movement spread like wildfire across the world. Till date, the word “Hippie” floods our mind with images of bootcut trousers, shaggy hairstyle, guitar, soulful music and a bohemian lifestyle. Hippie culture stood against the narrowness of society and all that the capitalist archetype. With the rise of materialism and social stigmatization, let’s celebrate New Year’s Eve with the carefree Hippie theme that hopes to “Give Peace a Chance”.

The Décor: Spread lush, colourful mats on the floor to sit with flower print cushion covers for everyone to rest the elbows. Spray paint some old wine bottles and turn them into sunflower folders. Place them on the dining table and side tables for a burst of exuberant synonymous with the Hippie spirit. Your guests can dress like hippies in loose-fitting shirts, baggy tops, big lemon yellow and pink aviator sunglasses, vibrant headbands, bandanas, fringed shrugs and flared pants. Give each of your guest’s flower tiaras, long bead necklaces, and wristbands to flaunt. Find psychedelic textures for décor and clothing at Chumbak.

The Food: Rainbow sangria, Cigarette shaped pretzels dipped in chocolate, rainbow coloured popcorns, chicken lollipops are few gastronomic delights to include in the party.

The Music: From Bollywood’s cult classic “Dum Maro Dum” to the songs of Beatles and Bob Dylan, you have a vast selection of musical hits at your fingertips with the Hippie theme.

7. Unleash Your Inner Baddy with the Iconic Villains Theme

Have you always felt a tug at the heartstrings at seeing Heath Ledger as Joker on the screen? Do you zealously mouth the dialogues uttered by onscreen gangsters at any given chance? Well, you may not be cast as the next Joker or Darth Vadar, but you can surely party like them.

The Décor: Organize an Iconic Villains Themed New Year’s Eve party and tell all your friends to dress up as their favorite outlaw. From our very own Mogambo, Don, KanchaCheena and Gabbar Singh to Bane, Voldemort, Hannibal Lector, Harley Quinn and Maleficent, there is no dearth of choice at all. Decorate the rooms with black balloons, Wanted Posters, and dynamite shaped wall hangings. To add a special touch, ask your DJ to dress as God Father or any other sinister mastermind. Make your guests pose with eye patches, holding mug shot boards in hand.

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The Food: Keep kebabs, sausages, deviled eggs and red velvet cake with a blood spill icing in the list of foods.

The Music: Music can be a mix of Bollywood songs like “NayakNahiKhalnayakHoon Main”, “Main Hoon Don” and feisty punk rock.

8. Create an Ambience of Intrigue with the Whodunit Theme

Nothing can match the page turning, breath-halting excitement that a well-written crime thriller or murder mystery offers. If you too have grown up gobbling up the exploits of Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Poirot and Miss Marple, then the Whodunit theme is befitting for your New Year’s Eve house party.

The Décor: Decorate the party spot as a crime scene complete with footprints, bathtub with a dummy doll, blood spills and yellow tape and draw a body using a white marker on the floor. Guests can come dressed as sleuths or choose to play the part of sidekicks or civilians, as they please.

The Food: Serve cupcakes with crime scene tape garnish along with a continental buffet comprising cutlets, lamb chops, prawn cocktails and chicken ala kiev. Red wine will be the commeilfaut beverage to opt for.

The Music: You can set a mysterious ambience from bygone eras by playing some classic country songs but when your guests are in the mood for dancing some pacey and hypnotic trance numbers will get them grooving.

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9. Savor the Richness of Life with the Great Gatsby Theme

In the history of fiction, Jay Gatsby has etched his place as one of the most remarkably moving figures that none can shake off easily from the conscience. A study in contrasts, Jay is the king of throwing extravagant parties for the cream of an elitist society without really enjoying any of it himself. If you are planning a sit-down dinner party for New Year’s Eve, then the Great Gatsby theme might be an alluring one for your guests.

The Décor: The décor should have different shades of champagne to give your living space a touch of opulence. Request guests also to wear black, white or golden attires. Get some transparent mason jars and wrap black lace on their lower half, placing a candle inside for decorating the table tops. You may rent a chandelier if possible to hang above the dining table or the sitting area for evoking the old world charm. Fill vases with tall plumes in black and white colours to use as the centerpiece of your dining table. Hand out some faux furs, felt hats, cigarette holder and long strings of false pearls for the guests to wear for fun retro photos.

The Food: As it is nearly impossible to reproduce the exotic menu from Gatsby’s own parties, you may stick to roasted or tandoori chicken, lobster thermidor, and grilled paneertikkas. Open a bottle of champagne and make Gatsby’s beloved Daisy’s favourite drink from the book Mint Julep by combining bourbon, crushed ice and fresh mints.

The Music: Jazz numbers will be the perfect choice for this theme.

[Image credits – creativebride.ca]

10. Spread the Spell of Fairytales with the Arabian Nights Theme

Even though we are matured grown-ups, taking care of a throng of adult responsibilities, still few of us is bereft of nostalgia for fairytales. And few fairytales contain as much drama, magic and rich descriptions as the Arabian Nights. This New Year you can delight and entertain your friends by throwing an Arabian Nights-themed bash.

The Décor: For bringing this theme to life cover the walls and floors of your home’s party zone with thick carpets. Use fabrics in rich, jewel tones like purple, plum, gold, blue and fuchsia to hang from the ceilings to give your home a tent like appeal. Place cushions around low tables covered with white or golden table covers. Faux date trees, sand dunes and models of camels will enrich the theme more. Let your guests relax and enjoy shisha in harmless fruit and paan flavours. It would be great if you can hire a professional troupe of belly dancers for performing at the party.

The Food: For this party, you may serve signature Arabic cuisine such as shwarma rolls, falafel, hummus and sheesh taouk.

The Music: Play belly dance numbers and Arabian music mixed with instrumental pieces.

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