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Are you undeniably displeased with the hideous space under your staircase? Do you wish for a bigger house because you don’t find enough storage space? The following examples will show you how you can spice up that space under the stairs in a creative way:

1. Falling short of a place to keep all your books?

Under stair area bookshelf

Source: bookcase.lavallrunning.com

Use this area as a library for all your prized books: If you’re a book enthusiast who devours books in a matter of days, the number of books you buy for yourself will always fall short. You could use up space under your stairs to keep your books.

2. Slide out drawers for extra towels:

Under stair area slide out storage

If you have guests visiting you ALL THE TIME, your cupboard would be filled with extra towels. Use the under-stairs area for slide out drawers to keep these towels. This will free up space in your cupboard for your stuff, and you get to utilize the under stairs area as well.

3. Build an area for all your captured snaps:

Understair area family pictures display

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. Use that area to build shelves to keep all your photographs, so you can go down the memory lane and cherish the memories you’ve had with your loved ones.

4. Like to have an occasional drink or two, well install a bar:

If you enjoy drinking while watching a movie, or when you have your friends over, a custom bar would turn out to be very handy for you. Build shelves in the area to place your beautiful glasses and bottles, so you can avoid going back and forth to the kitchen when you have a party at your home.

5. Create a comfortable reading area:

Understair area reading nook

Source: cushionsource.com

If you like sitting cozily while catching up with your latest read, turn the under-stair space into a reading area with a comfortable sofa surrounded by shelves with books. You will have your own little reading nook!

6. A play room for your kids:

Under stair area playhouse kids

Source: maruoz.biz

If your house is cluttered with your kids’ toys all the time, you could build a little playroom for them with all their toys in it. In this way, they will enjoy in their own reserved space, and you don’t have to clear up their toys anymore!

7. Build your dog a doghouse:

Under stairs dog house

Source: therodimels.com

The under stair space can be used up very well to build a dog house. Your dog will be ecstatic to curl up into his new home.

8. Create a walk-in-pantry:

Under stairs extra kitchen counter

Source: homeikea.online

If you keep falling short of a place in your kitchen, store your cookies, candies, and many others things in this area. It will free-up space in your kitchen, and you get to use up the area under your stairs innovatively.

9. Construct an awesome shoe rack:

Under stair shoe rack

If you have too many shoes and no space to keep them, turn the under-stair area into a beautiful shoe rack.

10. Love your bike, but find no place for it:

Under stair bike rack

Source: assets.dwell.com

Well, you can create a bike rack (actually a hook) in the area under the stairs and save your precious floor space. Smart, isn’t it?

After you’re done glamourizing the area, sit back and relax for turning the unsightly area into something splendid!

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