10 Best Instagram First Posts of Bollywood Celebrities

May 15, 2017 10 Best Instagram First Posts of Bollywood Celebrities 1313 2 0

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Sumita Chakraborty spotlights celebs and their first Insta posts, and yes, the “goss” behind them.

The social media is storming the very bastion of communication globally. And so, can Bollywood be far behind? Most of the stars in the film industry are already bopping to the insta tune. So not only do they have a strong social media team manned by digital enthusiasts who give a blow by blow account of their celeb boss’ movement. They also run practically a second-a-thon picture relay of the celebs – running, laughing, dancing, crying etc.

The Insta Count

While practically the entire Bollywood has already made the Insta space their home, some late bloomers like the gorgeous Katrina Kaif has just stepped gingerly into the social media zone. And though she confesses, she’s still a li’l zoned out and if it hadn’t been for the Big Daddy of Tinsel Town, Karan Johar’s prodding, she would have happily given the Insta space a miss.

But now, she’s made Instagram her home and has been welcomed by practically all the other glitzy superstars from Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan to Ranveer Singh. Of course, there are actresses like Deepika Padukone who have given her the royal ignore – perhaps because of the so-called bad blood between the two or perhaps Dippy has been too busy with her spectacular Hollywood dreams and of course, her Cannes rendezvous for L’Oreal.

10 Best Insta First Posts

But never mind, let’s still look at some of the best stars of Bollwood and their first iconic posts.

  • Salman Khan, The Bajrangi Bhaijaan of Tinsel Town did the family thing. His first post was a picture of his darling sister Arpita’s wedding where the bride Arpita and the bridegroom Ayush Sharma coyly look at each other. This picture is treasured by the sentimental Salman who absolutely dotes on his sister Arpita. Today of course, Arpita has a gorgeous baby boy who Salman is crazy about. In fact, supposedly wherever he is, he makes sure he video conferences his sister just to have a dekko at his cutie pie nephew.

Salman Khan Family

source: http://www.idiva.com

  • Another family boy, Varun Dhawan too posted a picture of his big bro Rohit Dhawan who is a director and has directed Varun’s film Dishoom. It was a picture raising a toast to his brother who was celebrating his birthday and was titled Bade Bhaiya. Supposedly, Varun bonds extremely well with his brother.

  • The very maverick Anushka Sharma who self-confessedly insists she walks a different zone, put up a picture of her painted toes with the title ‘Taking my first steps’. Very telling! And now, Anushka is one of the most sought after actresses and has taken the social media scenario by storm. And if we are talking about Anushka, can cricketer Virat Kohli be far behind? Insta is also the playground when the cricketer puts up – albeit rather rarely- cute pictures of Anushka and him. So watch out for Virat’s insta pictures, you never know when you may hit gold.

anushka sharma

source: http://www.idiva.com

  • Hollywood’s darling Priyanka Chopra made a very safe debut on Instagram. She put up a picture of her friend and her. And before you go rushing to check on her, let’s just tell you that it was a picture of a girlfriend. …Ah well, we did expect some adventurous pictures of Priyanka. But all you Priyanka fans don’t lose hope as yet, Priyanka has hit the goal and has posted some very steamy pictures on insta which were so hot that it almost burnt the super circuit wires globally.


source: http://www.idiva.com

  • The very energetic Ranveer Singh, surprisingly, made quite a calm entry into Insta. He posted a mug shot with the words ‘thank you’ for his zillions of fans. Where the ebullient Ranveer Singh is concerned, one does believe that his pictures would match steps with his full of beans actions but in this case, it fell a big thanda.

You can check this here.

  • And if we are talking about the super energetic Ranveer Singh, we have to talk about the very beautiful Deepika Padukone. Deepika, classy yet calm, stepped into Insta showing off a very chic yet calm stance. She posted pictures of herself looking amazingly captivating with the title ‘Limited Edition’. And that said it all! Check these out here.

  • Drama queen Sonam Kapoor posted a picture of her in the hospital looking very sick, and yes, bored! This fashionista is incidentally another Insta addict and makes sure her every movement is posted on Insta for the world to see. In fact, even rumoured boyfriend Anand Ahuja features quite often on her insta account. So watch out for more spicy and telling pictures from her.

Indeed, Instagram is a wonderful playground on which celebs can connect with their fans. Fans on the other hands, also get to know their fave stars well so it definitely works wonderfully both ways. As for the first posts, they too tell a lot about the stars as we gauged from the above stars. So here’s hoping more stars jump onto the insta bandwagon.

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