10 Best Fruity Perfumes for Women

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A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”- CHRISTIAN DIOR

Odours have the strongest persuasion power. Power, more than words, personality and beauty will ever have. Be it a cocktail party or just another day at the office, you are NEVER ever completely dressed without perfume. It is the indispensable compliment to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress. But picking the right ones is even more important and we are happy to help, BTW!

Here are 10 Best Fruity Perfumes that you should totally splurge on. After all, life is too short for bad perfumes (and wine, of course!).

1. Escada Taj Sunset by Escada - Price: Rs.2,600 approx.

Escada Taj Sunset @TheRoyaleIndia

Summers are here, and this is the best perfume to opt for. It smells like a combination of raspberry, malay apple, musk and sandalwood. Just perfect to beat the heat, don’t you think?

2) Body EDP Intense Spray by Burberry - Price: 5500 approx.

Body EDP Intense Spray by Burberry @TheRoyaleIndia

This is a chirpy fruity fragrance. Extremely freshening, this perfume contains freesia, wormwood and peach on top notes. And no wise woman ever says no to Burberry!

3) Red Delicious by DKNY - Price: Rs.2,500 approx.

Red Delicious by DKNY @TheRoyaleIndia

No matter what season it is, raspberry, litchi and apple CANNOT go wrong. This DKNY Eau De Parfum is just the next thing to dig this summer!

4) Fruity Rhythm by Adidas - Price: Rs.2,500 approx.

Fruity Rhythms Adidas @TheRoyaleIndia

It is one of the best fruity perfumes to stock on. We all love Adidas and the subtle scent of Adidas Fruity Perfume is just the office perfume you need to keep you fresh all day!

5) Gorgeous EDT by Victoria’s Secret - Price: Rs.3,300 approx.

Gorgeous EDT by Victoria’s Secret @TheRoyaleIndia

OKAY I AM SORRY! But this list is just incomplete with the Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Eau De Parfum. I will judge you if you don’t actually buy one. No great woman is ever great without a Victoria’s Secret perfume. Period!

6) Ricci by Nina Ricci - Price: Rs.2,700 approx.

Ricci by Nina Ricci @TheRoyaleIndia

There is a lot of depth to this fragrance. While it is very exhilarating, it also is on the other side, very calm and sensuous. Ricci Women by Nina Ricci is a must-try for sure. This Perfume offers a floral-fruity fragrance with the undertones of apple.

7) Bright Crystal by Versace - Price: Rs.3,800 approx.

Bright Crystal by Versace @TheRoyaleIndia

Okay! I love pomegranate, and this has been my favourite so far. Versace is bound to get you starstruck, for obvious reasons of course! But then, this is composed of pomegranate, peony and magnolia among the main; very subtle and a must-have.

8) The One by Dolce & Gabbana - Price: Rs.6,700 approx.

The One by Dolce & Gabbana @TheRoyaleIndia

Well, it’s Dolce & Gabbana, and that’s just about it. We DO NOT talk about D&G perfumes. It’s a fragrance with character. The fragrance being litchi, mandarin, peach, lilies, this product like all other D&G is about you. Perfect guilt tripping ever!

9) Sheer Beauty EDT by Calvin Klein - Price: Rs.4,500 approx.

Sheer Beauty EDT by Calvin Klein @TheRoyaleIndia

With flavours of peach, peony, jasmine and pink lily, this perfume emphasises on charm and self confidence. Girls, you do not give a second thought to go ahead with this. You just DO NOT!  

10) Flora by Gucci - Price: Rs.5,200 approx.

Flora by Gucci @TheRoyaleIndia

This floral scent is devised for the young and free. With citruses, peony and osmanthus, this is a great EDT for young girls. Please tell me you just can’t get over that beauty already!

Always remember girls,

If you don’t smell good, then you don’t look good.

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”- COCO CHANEL

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