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Redeem a $40 Changi Dollar Voucher By a Transit Through Singapore

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  • Valid till 31/01/2019
  • Used On :30/03/2017

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Special Airfare Prices For India-USA Flights

  • Verified Offer
  • Valid till 31/01/2019
  • Used On :30/03/2017

Fly with Singapore airlines and get discounts from Couponraja on your flights!

The flag carrier of Singapore, with its hub at Changi airport, Singapore airlines today has a strong presence in south, east, south-east Asia and Oceania. It was the launch customer of Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. They also operate many airline related subsidiaries like aircraft handling and engineering. It ranks among the top 15 carriers in terms of revenue passenger kilometers, and 10th as an international passenger carrier. It was declared as the second largest airline in the world by International Air Transport Association with a net worth of 14 billion US dollars. The airline is regarded as a national symbol and icon for Singapore.

‘Singapore Girl’ has been their constant advertising slogan, which is applied to flight attendants of the airline dressed in the “sarong kebaya” uniforms.

Search flights!

On the Singapore airline website you can search for various flight options. If you are a club member you can combine miles with credit/debit cards for payments. Pick your ‘from’ and ‘to’ cities and you are good to go! You can book for a one way flight or return. Check flight schedules or search for a specific flight. You can also book flights at their lowest fares, economic class, business class or suites, whatever suits you best! You can also redeem KrisFlyer miles for tickets or upgrades.

Plan travel!

You can plan your travel with the help of their website and get information on bookings, tickets and mobile services too. They cater to Bangkok, Bali, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lampur, Manila, Surabaya, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane and other parts of Europe, North Asia, America, Africa, almost the whole world!


They have various travel packages like the Singapore stopover premium package, with a range of 4 or 5 star hotels to make sure you are well pampered and ensure your stay is rejuvenating. The Singapore stopover holiday includes accommodation, return airport transfers and admission into some major attractions.

Flying the Singapore way!

When flying with Singapore airlines they ensure you have the best on board experience along with some entertainment, and a beautiful dining experience. They strive to make every customer feel at home and have been an epitome of Asian grace and hospitality since 1972 with the creation of Singapore girl! They provide entertainment devices and television programs on their flights. Their chefs and wine experts take a lot of effort to ensure that your dining experience is absolutely refreshing.

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