Branding Guidelines:

A brand can only create its own niche once it has its own style to put forward in the minds of potential customers. Having certain branding guidelines that needs to be followed by people associated or working with the brand is the best way to achieve uniformity and exclusivity at the same time.


The most vital representation of the brand, the CouponRaja logo needs to be used in the right way. We do not authorise third-parties to utilise the logo for marketing. Using the logo beyond the specifications defined in advance is forbidden without taking CouponRaja’s approval.


  • CouponRaja and merchants affiliated to and authorised by CouponRaja are the only ones who can use the logo for advertising, promotional, and sales materials.
  • The turban on the logo without the use of the text is allowed for promotional reasons and designing.
  • It is imperative to show CouponRaja in a favourable manner at all times, which would be a reflection on Logicserve Technologies.
  • Use of CouponRaja text in content must have Raja's 'R' capital.


  • Changing the logo colour.
  • Enhancing the logo with VFX or animation.
  • Making changes in the direction, angle or dimension of the logo.
  • Adding elements around the logo.
  • Using previous versions of the logo.
  • Uploading the logo on website without approval.

Download Instapage Logo Assets


Every colour used signifies something, making us meticulous in terms of the colours used in the logo. The colour used in the logo carries a meaning.

We prohibit the use of varying, unauthorised colours within the logo. It is imperative that the logo is used with the colours specified below.





The font can be used for any offline or online promotions. Do not use any other font for any purpose whatsoever.

Roboto: Light Normal Medium Bold