Palazzo Pants, a fashion to unearth – Tips To Wear Them Right

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On one of my trips to Colaba Causeway to pick up some junk jewelry I came across this shopkeeper who pronounced something which I could hear as ‘plaso’. The first thought that occurred to me about this ‘plaso’ was that it were some plus size t-shirts. However, later when Googled about it, I left a chuckle under my breath. He was selling PALAZZOs!!! Many know what palazzos are, but for those who don’t know – they are pants made normally in a free-flowing material which flares out evenly from the waist to the ankle almost looking like a long skirt.

They are the favorite summer apparel in many tropical countries because the flowing fabric like silk crepe or chiffon lets the skin breathe. Formerly, in around 1960-70s palazzos were limited only to those who wanted to try crazy fashion trends, but now it is seen in almost every girl’s wardrobe.

palazzo pant long wide @TheRoyaleIndia

The thumb rule for wearing a pair of palazzo is that the person wearing it should have a tall and slender figure as it adds bulk to the body and (no offence to those who are healthier on the heavy side) makes the person look even fatter.

Palazzo Create your own style @TheRoyaleIndia

Palazzos give high comfort and create a great style statement if you get the look right.

Here are some ways how can you get your palazzo look right this summer-


Palazzo Casual Wear @TheRoyaleIndia

There is an amazing collection of printed palazzos in the market, wear them with bold colored crop-tops. Add to it a pair of nude wedges or pumps and glorify the look along with a big neckpiece of the complementary of the crop top.

Also a clutch, it would amplify the look of the outfit (only if you choose a plain palazzo pant).


Palazzo Office Wear @TheRoyaleIndia
Palazzo Office Wear 2 @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes, you read it right!!! They have proven to be an excellent office wear and they give an edgy look to the wearer. For work, pick up a plain black, maroon or navy blue palazzo pants and pair it with a mid-thigh long coat or a pastel colored shirt..

Do remember that the pants won’t look much flowy when flared along with a thin belt of golden or silver color. Wearing heeled footwear is necessary because it gives a good posture while walking in these pants.


Palazzo pants with long shirts @TheRoyaleIndia

Celebrities have worn palazzo pants on and off the screen for red carpet appearances or just casually, and trust me they have carried it excellently; then may it be Deepika Padukone or Jessica Alba. Blake Lively is one actress who is often seen in palazzos and does complete justice to the pants.

Celeb Styles Palazzo @TheRoyaleIndia

A dark bold color with a same colored crop top and a statement oxidized golden three fourth sleeve jacket along with some delicate golden chains hanging around the neck with a pair of golden pumps will oomph up the look.

These were a few ways to don the palazzo pants, but you can always make up your style and double check with your family and mainly yourself that the mix-match suits you. For instance, one can tuck in a basic tank top or a blouse and roll up the sleeves or wear a ruffle top or a crop top along with a cardigan. There are unlimited ways in doing so! Unravel the Palazzo fashion.

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